Grim Misadventure #128: Ashen October

Grim Misadventures have arrived. And the air feels thick with anticipation. What will today reveal? What awaits you at the beginning of the month that we promised an expansion?!

I could tell you…

But I think I’d rather show you:


Here we go! Start your countdowns! Book those vacations and sick days!

Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth is coming October 11th, 2017 onto Steam, GoG and Humble, priced at $17.99 for an absolute overload of new content.

No more spoilers, no more teasers, just the unrelenting wait ‘til the preordained day.

Ok…maybe more spoilers.

For the theorycrafters among you, we will give permission to GrimTools to update with expansion content later this week. The release of the expansion will also coincide with a small patch for the base game, which includes not only the performance-boosting new renderer, but also improvements to game balance and item drops. More on that in the near future!

The Game Guide has also seen some updates, so check it out for some bits of Ashes of Malmouth throughout!

Following the release of Ashes of Malmouth, Grim Misadventures will be posted less frequently as we focus on supporting the expansion. But don’t worry! We still have exciting things in store for you post-release! Check back on 11/06/2017 for our next development update.

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Oww yeah Awsome !!

Great trailer, and the two sets are gorgeous !

October 11 then :wink:

My guess have been second week of october since expansions news of october and always nice to win the Internet

11th october, i’m both happy and sad i don’t know how could i wait 9 days without going crazy.

The next 9 days will sure be tough !!!

OMG Amazing…!

nice, good to hear a date :slight_smile:

Hahaha, I knew it. No way it would have come out today, too early. 11th October fits right in the early end of the month and there is enough time for the final polishing.

Thanks, Zantai.

yeah baby, it’s happening!

That trailer was terrific, can’t wait!

Well, somewhere on these forums I told u day 11 was very likely :stuck_out_tongue:

time to apply for a leave… thanks for the heads up… now it’s up to us guys and spread the word and make this a success for Crate:cool:


But I have to survive waiting another 9 whole days? screams internally

patchnotes earlier pls?

can we stream now? :stuck_out_tongue:

good one haha

pretty please :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately i am on holiday from the 6th till around 13th. It’s going to be a agony :frowning:

The trailer is great you can feel the atmosphere.:stuck_out_tongue: Was hoping for some lore background of the last faction.:undecided:

Soo, next question, so I can plan my work sickies, will it be available from midnight Tuesday/Wednesday or not until X o’clock on Wednesday!?

These guys…so funny. :smiley:

yes pls at least i could watch something while waiting.