Grim Misadventure #133: Announcing...

Welcome back to Grim Misadventures! As teased last week during Grim Dawn’s second anniversary since its release from Early Access, we have some big news for you today!

What could it be? Did our teaser give you any ideas?

Last chance to guess.

It’s no secret by now that we are working on an Xbox One port of the game, which is coming posthaste and big news in itself, but that’s actually not what we’re here to talk about today.


It’s not that.

Hot on the heels of our successful release of Ashes of Malmouth last Fall, we are here to announce the next chapter of Grim Dawn!

In the Forgotten Gods expansion, you will journey beyond the bounds of the Erulan Empire, traversing burning sands, lush oases and volcanic wastes to reach the sun beaten ruins of a city with secrets that should never have been disturbed. The flames of a forgotten god have been rekindled, sending ripples through the Eldritch realm and sowing terror even among the Witch Gods themselves.

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Along with quality of life features, you will pursue new powers, hundreds of new Unique items and Monster Infrequents and more! Battle dozens of new foes across new dungeons and a new gameplay mode which we’ll be discussing in detail in the coming months!

In short, Forgotten Gods will be another thrilling densely-packed addition to the critically acclaimed Grim Dawn and its first expansion, Ashes of Malmouth.

The best news of all though is that not only has work on this expansion already begun, it’s well underway. We expect Forgotten Gods to release in the second half of 2018!

We are very excited to share more details of what’s coming in the Forgotten Gods expansion, so be sure to stay tuned for future Grim Misadventures as we return to our regular bi-weekly update schedule.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Eager to learn more about the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion? Check back on 03/19/2018 for our next development update!

This is fantastic news!

Oh shit oh shit shit oh sht

Great, I was hoping there would be a second one xpansion!!!

OHHHHHHHHHH a new xpac and a new game mode???

Wish “quality of life” would include closed online servers with seasons…but thats just me dreaming i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

And now we can hear M.Bison “YES!” after looking at this news.

Woohoo you rock! :smiley:
A sandy environment sounds great too. It’s Titan Quest all over again!

I wonder/hope that’s a mode with only one playthrough but with tough difficulty.

Fuck you <3

Well damn, this looks interesting :rolleyes: Can’t wait till mid-to-late 2018 already.


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Oh my oh my…!

Great news (i confess i expected it because it looked too soon for GD2). i really love the fact that the environment and ambiance will change, something more colorful will be very welcome.

Waiting for more info, keep up the great work !

Aaagh… noone else wondering what the new masteries for it will be? Ha. I’m even more hyped to test this than even AoM. Loving the teaser artwork, bodes interesting for the new gear.

Woooooooooow :smiley:


I can’t find a way to describle how HYPED I’m right now!!!

Oh yeah! I want to believe that everithing will go as planned and we will be able to see new expansion release this year.

P.S: Crate team, thank you very much! Can we expect one more expansion if this new one will be successful?

Got confused for a little there, because after reading the news, I kept thinking that today is April 1st. Totally but pleasantly, surprised.

I hope they will fix awkward running animations and add more casting ones.

Regardless, looking forward to the expansion.

As long as there are bridges. Ashes of Malmouth was pretty sparse when it came for repair opportunities.