Grim Misadventure #134: Sand Threats

Grim Misadventures is here! Last time, we left you with the tantalizing announcement of Grim Dawn’s second expansion! If you missed that, be sure to give it a read as it is kind of a big deal!

We talked about some of the high-level details of what is in store for you in Forgotten Gods, but now with Grim Misadventures returning to their bi-weekly schedule, we will really begin diving into the meaty bits…

And what better way to start off the meaty bits than to talk about what is going to be out there tearing meaty bits off of you!

You might recall Grim Dawn’s second anniversary being celebrated with the following image…

Keen eyes spotted strange shadows lurking in the background that did not match anything currently in the game. Just what was lurking back there?

Turns out, it’s lizards.

Fiercely territorial and protective of their nesting grounds, Sandclaws roam the far reaches of the Korvan Plateau, threatening any would be invaders of their lands.

The desert sands and the relentless sun make this area a brutal place to live, but the Sandclaws are highly adaptive. Their scales make them naturally resistant to lightning, and their claws can pierce through even man-made armor. And when a forgotten power began to stir beneath the sands, causing cataclysmic destruction to ripple through the Korvan Plateau and tear the very earth apart in volcanic eruptions, the Sandclaws adapted to that too.

The lands the Sandclaws inhabit have been abandoned for centuries, but a terrible discovery has caused humans to return to the forsaken ruins buried beneath the sands. What they were not counting on is that nature had reclaimed the Korvan empire and would viciously defend its prize. As for the sandclaws? They merely rediscovered an ancient taste for human flesh…

Korvan Scarab
In case armored flesh-tearing sand lizards was not enough of a deterrent for you, the deserts and ruins of the Korvan Plateau have more in store for you. These brutish scavengers may feature a tough outer exterior, but it’s really what’s inside that counts. Actually, no, you probably don’t want to find out what’s inside because it’s mostly acidic bile.

The Korvan Scarabs are not particularly discerning of what they consume. Bone, sandclaw, human…their bile can dissolve it all into a palpable mush. They use their powerful mandibles to trap and dismember prey foolish enough to get too close before liquifying it with a stream of acid.

Getting too close may just be inevitable, for if you wish to discover the secrets buried beneath the sands, secrets already found by a Chosen few, you will have to contend with these oversized arthropods.

After all, Oaths must be Kept; oaths with consequences that will echo across the cosmos.

A lot of questions are floating around these days. Questions about just how shattering a new game mode might be, or just how empoweringly powerful new powers will be. With Forgotten Gods featuring a huge new chapter of Grim Dawn’s growing world, there is going to be something for everybody to look forward to. What that all entails, you will have to find out in our upcoming development updates!

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 04/02/2018 for our regular development updates as we return to our classic bi-weekly schedule.

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Let me summon one of the Dinos as a player scaled pet. Please!!

Great misadventure.
Now begins yet another 2 week wait…

Nice tease:)

You guys are making the first step in the right direction, hopefully there will be no Aetherials and Chthonians this time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch, there go all my lightning based toons. Thanks team. :smiley:

Artwork looking amazing as usual, can’t wait to get down to exploring all that’ll be on offer in the new expansion.

Are these things related to the bones found in the jagged waste? Cause I’d love to fight one of those things resurrected through dark sorcery

Second this

Worse than Aetherials you mean, the Chthonians descend from the strongest and oldest primordial after all. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, I’d love if it you guys decide to reduce the number of aetherial/chthonians to a bare minimum in the expac areas.


So, any news on ???

Cool shit.

I see what you did there…

So looks like we’ll finally be getting the resolution to Kymon’s and Korvaak’s storyline then…

Tell us about the new game mode already.

Well spotted. He used capital “C” even as big w;)

i think he implied they resit fire quite well too

Grim Dawn has dinosaurs. About time.

Woah, those lizards looks pretty badass! Looking forward for more news from this next chapter of this amazing game! :smiley:

Lovely beasts, can’t wait !

They are not the focus of Forgotten Gods.

It’s coming.

I second summonable Dinos as pets :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Misadventure.

Titan Quest may have these type of monsters already but I would say your design is better, I would say more mature! :wink: