Grim Misadventure #134: Sand Threats

Raptors? Yay!

Thats reminds me a chinese raptors from Titan Quest

Desert? Lizards? Bleeding damage?

I like it, wonder what the Korvan Plateau is named after :wink:

Are there going to be new masteries in the expansion ? 1 or 2 and why not 3 ?

The Korvan Scarab reminds me of Far Oasis’ Death beetles, those annoying insects that shoot charged bolts when hit! :rolleyes:

Yes, this was quite a subtle wink as well:)

Dinos, deserts, and scarabs? Love me some old Titan Quest vibes. :smiley:


And if we’re going by the logic that capitalisation = hint, I wonder what this could mean…

Something something new Oathkeeper faction. :rolleyes:

Fantastic update as always, glad to hear that we’re returning to the bi-weekly Misadventure schedule. It’ll be like returning to the good (empty?) old days of pre-release Grim Dawn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks totally great ! Korvan Scarab is able to catch and eat Sandclaws ? I suppose, those bugs are really big ones…
Thanks !

interesting theory. But if that is true, how the heck would Kymon get past them. They should have slapped his preaching ass

I wonder if we will eventually meet with the Luminari order, or the Gildam Arcanum…

I want to explore that Silver Tower someday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks really awesome. I love this art and thematic style.

Hopefully we’ll se more of it in the expansion.

Gotta love the bi-weekly schedule.

By the way, Korvaak here, Korvaak there.

Kymon’s Chosen few.:stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome update. I can’t wait for another two weeks, need more information NOW :wink:

I guess Big Z is trolling us with the “Chosen few”. Here is the actual storyline:

Everyone feels, that there is something strange about the Chosen. Things in the Korvan Plateau are somehow connected to some old being named Korvaak who will bring doom to all the people.
Finally, we find the ruins… and there it is: The Tomb of Korvoran the legendary knife throwing nightblade. After his ghost finds out that someone misspelled his private lands, he is really pissed off and goes on a rampage. Eventually, our hero puts him to his final rest… and everyone has forgotten about the actual quest… somethings about gods… I don’t know… might have been important…


The artwork looks great as usual and i really dig the Korvan Scarab. Can’t wait for the next Grim Misadventure and see what more yoy guys reveal for the 2nd expansion. :slight_smile:

Would love those scarabs to be like the one in diablo 2 desert area, just make one a rare spawn called D2 and make it triple lightning enchanted.

Anyways nice stuff indeed.

The hype is real brosefs

Need deets on new mode. Flesh out end game. Please I beg.

What, no maneating camels or tribes of naked amazons?!?
Need to roll something retribution, those look like they would love to munch on my DoTers.

Oh, man, I am loving this. New enemies, yes! Having TQ Egypt flashbacks :smiley:

And now need to wait two weeks for another tease… sigh

Well, assuming we don’t get a stream this Friday.

Ah, yes, the streams. Maybe… but will there be more artwork? I am kinda dying for those atm :x