Grim Misadventure #141: Beyond the Plateau

A Grim Misadventure is upon us! Last time, the clouds parted and new constellations were revealed upon the celestial tapestry. New powers await those devoted enough to claim them.

Yet another time, we wandered into the Korvan Basin and witnessed the wonderous views that await you in the Forgotten Gods expansion. Today, we will travel beyond the plateau’s foreboding sands and lush oases, getting ever closer to the heart of the conflict in this once flourishing region. But how far can we go before we get burned?

Where once stood mighty cities and temples, nature has reclaimed. The molten fires of a vengeful god’s fury have long since cooled, giving rise to the Basalt Crags. But tread carefully, for the land itself still weeps in agony of a forgotten tragedy. What remains now of the City of Abyd are ruins and fire, magma and embers.

And the valley beyond…once a sacred place lined with tombs and temples…consumed by flames. But it is there that you must go if you are to learn the truth and vanquish the terror that threatens to drown the world in its torment.

Will you survive the inferno? Or be devoured by its rage?

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 07/09/2018 for the next Grim Misadventure.

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These environments never cease to impress me :D. Looking forward to exploring the new areas.

Damn, these new areas looks… hot! Awesome job as usual!

I know these are just screenshots, but I’m seeing some potential favorite areas here :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, that looks amazing. Compliments to the artists as usual for their outstanding work. Can’t wait to get burned. :smiley:


Please tell me the content size it as big as Malmouth DLC now. Great job as always!


Venturing ever deeper into a cataclysmic event, burnt by a raging entity that threatens to rise again. Melting everything in his path for vengeance and destruction… Ulzuin has a lot of similarities with Korvaak…

Those statues look familiar… but bigger than expected. So we get more giant enemies like those gargoyles, it seems :stuck_out_tongue: (hope)

First & last pic. Gold

No new mastery or game mode reveal :frowning: Shame…

Oh, well, great artwork, as always. Keep it up, Crate! :smiley:

lame… can we get new stuff? disappointing … seems like we are month away from the release. where is the shattering game mode ? new features ? again bad hype… a desert themed xpac in winter . nice work guys. show real stuff and dont troll around. the announcement of the xpac was month to early…
i love grim dawn but think before posting stuff… its boring like this

That :cool:

i think we’ll be warned when the big anoucements will come, something like “be sure to stop by the forums on monday” during the stream. it shouldn’t be long now :wink:

areas look pretty new

Who ever said it’s a month? At best it will be testing phase in a month. Which makes it even more normal to give out small pieces of info at the moment. A new class/game mode are 2 of the most important parts aside from the quest line itself. Why just give it all away now to burn it out by the time FG goes live. It’s not bad hype it’s wise spoilers.

It’s “shattering”. It’s important cause I’m sure Zantai is making a play on words. This kind of info you give away closer to release, not now.

Still did not see my mastery! One more misadventure. Just one more.

Just a thought

The first image with a GD watermark on the bottom right would make a cool wallpaper. The fourth image from a different perspective (the Buddha face thingie should face “us”) would also make a cool wallpaper

Columnar jointing for days.

Looks fantastic, the first and last pics in particular are wonderfully striking. :smiley:


wait one second. Some of the images reminds me of Act 5 reaper of souls DLC. You know what this means guys! Crusader was released with RoS so this means we get crusader aka paladin in FG. Boom. dots connected! I see what you did there :cool:

Because of ungrateful and entitled people like you I hope Crate doesn’t make any reveal about the new game mode or the new mastery until the release date. Seriously, have people become more asshole-y over time in here or it’s just me?

Edit: Although by looking at his posts history, this guy has a thing for shitting on the devs’ effort. I mean, Inquisitor being a copy of Demolitionist? lol

Lol, the week’s barely started and you’ve already made it for me.

i think iam one of the first fanboys here, you can see it on the join date. its a critic ,yes. the last stream was so boring. yes it was ! now this boring post. after 8 years of developing it becomes a little lame.
*iam sorry for that but the feeling is like it is

Feel free to take a break from the dev updates and come back for the release then. Nobody’s forcing you to read our “hypeless” updates.

We post a little bit from development every 2 weeks because history has shown that our community enjoys it.

Not everybody gets hyped about the same things. Showing more of the environments was actually quite important as there are some players out there that had the wrong impression that Forgotten Gods was going to be nothing but sand/desert, which can’t be farther from the truth.