Grim Misadventure #153: Factions - The Witch God Cults

We’re here, and so is a Grim Misadventure. Last time, we delved into the land of items. Today, we are ready to talk about your unusual new allies in the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion.

The Witch Gods are said to wield unfathomable powers. Their followers worship them in the hopes of getting a mere taste of this vast potential. Naturally, the Erulan emperors did not approve of such heresy and the Luminari were dispatched to exterminate any that defy the commands of the throne and the faith of Empyrion.

But the Witch Gods are clever, their covens well hidden. For centuries, their worshippers have evaded capture. They worked from the shadows, secretly manipulating the empire’s citizens and growing their numbers.

When the Grim Dawn struck, all of humanity paid the price for the hubris of the Gildam Arcanum arcanists, the Witch God cults included. Yet it was their efforts to evade the Luminari that spared them the brunt of the initial carnage. The cults receded to their hidden places to tend to their wounds and recover their strength. All the while, the Witch Gods plotted their next move…

Forgotten Gods
But cosmic forces are at play that go beyond just the conflict between the Aetherials and the Chthonians. Forgotten powers are stirring in the celestial vale. Powers that threaten even the Witch Gods themselves. And so, in an unprecedented move, the cults have gathered as one. No longer divided by their devotion, they became unified in a singular purpose: to halt the return of the cataclysm that ravaged the Korvan lands.

Byscilla, the Matron of Rifts

“Praises be upon the Three. Praises be upon their wisdom, their foresight and their pity upon mankind. For without their blessings, we would be as worthless husks, devoid of the gifts of the Eldritch realm and at the mercy of the Luminari hounds.

Curses be upon the usurper, the burning vengeance, the Korvan destroyer. Curses be upon his lust for the Eldritch Thrones, the pinnacle of the gods. May he die a thousand deaths as Dreeg suffers a thousand festering wounds, may his insides fill with spiders and his eyes turn to ash by Eldritch fire. All this we invoke upon the usurper of the Eldritch powers; powers meant to be wielded by the true gods and their servants.

We march through the blistering sands and into the heart of flame, the whispers of Dreeg in our ears, the hounds of Bysmiel at our side, the black flame of Solael upon our blades. None shall be spared before our wrath. By the gifts of our patrons, we will reclaim what is theirs; and though our blood shall spill upon the Korvan sands, it will be done in honor of the true masters of humanity.”

The Conclave of the Three
United, the Witch God cults traveled far east to the Korvan lands, to the blistering heat of the deserts and the forbidden ruins left to burn in the wake of an angered god’s wrath. Led by three prominent figures in the cults: Byscilla the Matron of Rifts, Draelus the Oracle of Dreeg and Sagon the Vicar of Solael, the cults gathered in what became known as the Conclave of the Three, a place of power on the outskirts of the fallen Korvan empire.

Draellus, the Oracle of Dreeg

“I am certain you have heard the whispers as I had. The mad one is restless, his mind filled with visions of the burning one’s return. If the bonds are broken and his power restored, he could unmake everything. I do not have to remind you of the consequences. The Triumvirate’s fate is bound in this moment.

Send word along the spider’s web. Rally the servants of Bysmiel. I invoke the sacred covenant. The forces of the Three must converge in the forgotten lands of the Korvan people. Our forces must unite against this threat, or divided we shall succumb to the vengeful flames. None must be allowed to defy our summons. Any that do are as much enemy as the forces we contend with and shall be dealt with in kind. We must not allow ourselves to be distracted by the machinations of the Aetherials or the bloodletters succumbing to their own doom. The danger they pose pales in comparison to what awaits us if we fail. And if the web has done its part, then the Erulan survivors will at least stymie their progress long enough for our matters to be settled.

Seek out the twin statues. You know of which I speak. The veil there is thin and will serve as an opportune location to begin our work. At the request of the infinite eye, I’ve dispatched the Emissary to track down valuable allies who will turn the tide in our favor. I consider their lives expendable in pursuit of victory, but one must not tamper with the whims of fate when they are so clearly written before us.

By the Three Thrones, we will eradicate this threat to our gifts. The world will tremble before the might of the Witch Gods!

Sagon, Vicar of Solael”

Sagon, Vicar of Solael

You are among those to be recruited by the Witch Gods’ Emissary. What will your answer be when you receive his summons? And when you arrive, to whom will you offer your services? Will you serve Bysmiel and her web of spies? Or perhaps Dreeg and his prophetic visions? Maybe Solael and his mastery over the Eldritch flame intrigues you?

The Witch God cults are the three friendly factions you will be able to earn favor with in the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion. Depending on which you choose, your story content will be different. But remember: in the end, all serve the whispers of the Three.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? We’ll be taking a holiday break, but join us in the new year on 01/07/2019 for the next Grim Misadventure!

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