Grim Misadventure #165 - Bring them to Darkness

It really doesn’t even matter for Grim Dawn. They can’t exclusively release GD as an exclusive on Epic anyway… its already been officially released for going on 4 years in a handful of months.

They aren’t the type of company to pull a shit move like that when all their customers are currently on Steam.

This is what I was trying to figure out.

I know GD will never be an issue, but any future GD games could be.

I know Madea said that Steam was 95% of its sales, but if you think about it that is probably true for most of the companies that went to Epic. Steam is the biggest game distributer on the market so they were most likely using it as well, but they obviously felt the offer from Epic was too good to pass up.

The big argument that game developers get more money from Epic is fine, but the fact that Steam gives me a ton more to use then Epic does means I will never use Epic until they actually think about the player base as well as the game dev.

I was hoping someone had seen something semi confirming that Crate was sticking with Steam, and Medea posted a positive comment, I was just hoping to literally see Zantai say “We will never do Epic exclusive!” LOL

I know it is unrealistic, but I was still hoping =)

I suppose technically Zantai wouldn’t be 100% capable of making that claim - unless, of course, he heard it come direct from medierra’s mouth, the person who calls all such shots concerning Crate.

I would say that this quote from medierra would be somewhat revealing concerning to what extent he’d let money influence his decisions:

Anyway, I honestly doubt Crate would do an Epic exclusive, timed or otherwise. Isn’t really their style.

Could it change? Sure. Maybe he abhors the idea of it. Then again, none of us are prophets and seers… it’s just as imaginable that at some future point his view on it changes even if at this point (hypothetically speaking) the idea abhors him.

Who’s to say, really?


Way to create controversy out of thin air.

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Thanks for that post it answered a lot of questions for me =)

that is a matter of what Epic offers… 12 months of exclusivity for a guaranteed 2M sales might be too good to refuse (no idea if Epic ever were to offer that, but that is a different question…) :wink:

Oh I know I’m missing out but this next update is PERFECT for starting it up and going crazy with it…Been wanting to level an oathbreaker but the changes to gear they are making while leveling is going to be fantastic! So waiting for this patch to drop.

Not sure if this has been answered before but are there any new lore notes? Like I don’t want to know what they are about but just curious as to whether any new ones got added

Well Crate said that there were lore with the content patch. Besides having such a big update and no lore added, now that would be catastrophic.

yeah I expect ton of lore notes about tomb of the heretic and morgoneth’s descent into night

This game Devs simply amazes me.

I know it can be far-fetched, but another expansion in 2020 with a Dark or (light, whatever) Cleric that uses heal to do damage to undead (I can even imagine big cross on the fields to hit them, using kinda-like light skills bolts (real bolts, and one close to AAR, light version) and mix that with the Chaos Bolts to be used like lightning (constant, with the cooldown non existent!) from the Occultist) And I will spend hours again in the game!!

Ok please don’t, after 1000hours… you still TEMPT ME!! Shame on you guys :smiling_imp:

Keep up the good work as always!

Danm I love this game!

Oh! And I saw that you listenend to my pledge for a dark wizard suit, You guys listen to us, You’re breathtaking!!

So regardless about how much I might ask for Xbox info, Crate is absolutely one of the best game companies out there.

I bought Grim Dawn in early access and have loved every minute.

Yes they do listen and if people don’t understand how big that is in today’s gaming industry, they need to look into it.

Borderlands has always been one of my favorite game series, but BL3 has been so buggy and not getting any help or patches from Gearbox highlights how good a company like Crate is.

I want my xbox version of GD dangit (with couch coop), but I will keep playing on my PC and I will keep buying every piece of extra content you offer us just to show my support!!!

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You knew that already if you paid attention. :wink:

The end boss does damage that, if ignored, can result in a loss of health and in severe circumstances lead to death.

It’s more amazing and much better than nothing at all.


Spoiler tag! Some of us were unaware of this!

Omg, Ceno, edited it for major spoilers.


Zantai be better firing you for this and put me in your place :sunglasses:

Boss: does big damage

SPOILER! :grava_yes:

The proper terminology is “big doinks.”