Grim Misadventure #165 - Bring them to Darkness

We know how medierra feels about this.:rofl:

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Yeah, especially now it’s over 2 mil copies sold of the base game alone. :grava_yes:




Some months ago they hit 3 million copies sold across GD, AoM and FG.

Also I weep for not getting a bite at the juciest pieces of Cairn - the lore, more celestials background and more of them to fight/

Why is crate holding back/avoiding to add more celestial goodness - its what players enjoy the most from lore pesrpective - we still dont have background for Lokarr and Calagadra…

Crate loves them money hoarding which is pretty clear from now that their just fattening up for Grim Dawn 2. Meanwhile Zantai is also secretly adding up one yacht at a time to his collection. Other than that I dont think that the town builder game really cost them much resource if any at all. So with a mountain of wealth at their disposal, we people deserve something BIG news from them. Why hold back when they can let go of some cold cash for marketing perhaps a brand new cinematic for GD 2 or hype Grim Dawn 1 a bit? or spend some promoting this town builder for Ulgrim’s sake we have been waiting for years now! :rage:

Because they can. :slight_smile:

of couse they can. But they won’t cause greedy lazy devs :sweat_smile:

Now as we approach the release perhaps some of our dear praetorians hype us a bit please.

Is the end boss worth the wait and challenging ? and Is the dungeon epic and better/or worst than the existing ones? Just some few words of your secret wisdom, beloved praetorians, is enough hype food for our hungering thoughts.

Which you know we’re not allowed to give so don’t ask. You’ll find out for yourself soon enough.


At least we know your testing it. :wink:

for the past few days my steam activity is floodied with praetorian achievements but it worries me based on my divine insights, that this magus is not posing any threat to them whatsoever. I am fully expecting this boss to kick praetorians’ asses but it appears it aint happening.

I wonder if there is a purpose for having different colors for those seven rings. Devotion wise there are only 5 colors and damage types have 10. However they could just use 7 damage types if they keep to elemental damage.

I’ve actually been refusing to play new xpac until this patch hits…each time I was gonna start it up and play and they’d come out with a post about what they are adding in the future and I say to myself…I’ll wait till that’s added to get the full experience. This will be the pinnacle I’ve been waiting for…going to dive deep into FG the minute this patch hits…and I’m going to love every minute of it with my Mage Hunter

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Oh man… you’re missing out; SR completely revitalized the game.

Wow!! Im excited!!


I buy everything Crate puts out as far as GD goes, and even if I don’t play the town builder I will buy it to show support, but come on guys give us some news on the xbox version.

I understand you might be waiting until FG gets it big update but you could at least tell us a few specific basic things like whether it has couch coop or not. =(

Zantai I don’t suppose you would be willing to comment on whether you might move your stuff to be an Epic exclusive? More curious then anything but it would be a quick way to lose me as a customer.

I really hope you keep all your content on Steam. I could care less if it is on both, but please don’t pull the Epic exclusive thing.

I highly doubt that Crate would make something Epic exclusive. Unless Epic would pay a ridiculous epic amount of cash.

He’s already commented in a dev stream a while back - 95% of Crate’s sales are on Steam so they’d be crazy to think of moving.


What are the other 5%? GOG?


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