Grim Misadventure #165 - Bring them to Darkness


Pretty damned close, imo. If you give a shit about the leveling up experience - the Epic/affix reworks are one of the best things to happen to that aspect of the gameplay. If you are just in it for the new rogue-like stuff… well, then it’s just some more content for ya. I like it tho.

Thanks but oh Well most of my chars are gd stashed rats anyways so when that patch hits im deleting that “save folder” for good I will let the new experimence sink in. What a beautiful time to be alive.

by th way is wolf still around? just want to check if he is streaming earlier than Zantai :rofl:

I highly recommend doing that to get the full impact and extent of the changes. They become quite obvious quite quickly around level 10+. Leveling and finding gear feels a whole damned lot better.

I… have no idea actually.

As if anyone bothers to read pinned messages in a discord. :rofl:

Discord has Leopold which is the reason why you should join there

Excure me… you were saying what again?

And now we wait for you to justify those nerfs, in a totally not desperate attempt at trying to safe face.

I’m trying to read through the patch notes, and as a former vindicator player, I feel I’m not touching that mastery combo again with a ten foot rusty halberd. But then again, it could’ve been a simple move of power to legendaries (or it wasn’t). Still, I disagree on this decision with Zantai.

just want to check with you guys, if you are happy with the rogue dungeon and the end boss mechanics and design as well as his fire power?

now with all of the things being wrapped up, I still cant believe this MAY be the end of gd… :sob:

Stop being a drama queen. We know there’re going to be a few more updates.

yes we know there still few MOAR updates, but there will be no another one as BIG as this.

ok stupid question but i have no idea where to find the three seals for the heretics tomb entrance. any one know?

Yes. :wink:

We have the chance fighting corrupted Galadriel as nemesis?? :heart_eyes:

The night is dark and full of Yugol. :eye:
Until the new DAWN arrives we have to wait with unyielding perseverance.

If Crate ever gonna make Grim Dawn sequel it gonna be Grim Day and then the next sequel will be Grim Dusk

im actually banned to post anywhere except my wine corner, but I realized if there is something this new update gave us some taste of darkness but I, cant help but ask for MOAR. The tomb of heretic does not feel like a full fledge grim darkness tone type of area, which many if not most of us would have wanted, plus the MOAR i fight morgoneth the MOAR i hate his design. Its just me but I would have made him bigger about the same size as Mephisto or Hades when scaled to player height to at least invoke MOAR fear to the player

You’re not actually banned from posting anywhere. But rubbish like the stuff that got you the whine corner thread in the first place needs to be kept there.

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Thats a relief. I thought Im being marked for eviction. It would be sad to leave this beloved game for good, you know i cant play this game without accessing and venting out thru the forums. As for MOR update, will just wait and see what Crate has left in store for us now that GD1 is 99.99% complete. Some tiny content left for sure now that Definitive edition is out, we cant expect big updates anyMOAR. and I have scoured thru the new content for any sign or hint of any more storyline dlc but to no avail.

this coming misadventure, Im predicting another 2019 year recap and maybe that townbuilder will finally see the light of day.

I’m more predicting that we will get more details on what he meant here:

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Yeah, review of the year isn’t likely to happen until the GM after which I assume will be in January. That’s when the previous reviews have been done, first month of the new year.

in one hand we just had a definitive edition of the game, in the other hand :

so all in all very curious about that one :grinning: