Grim Misadventure #167 - A Look Back at 2019

it’s a Twin Falls bridge tho :thinking:

They know they cant drop the game without Hangman Jarvis’s questline to avenge the past that haunts him. The answers can be found when we help him fix the bridge down south. Lets have faith in Crate that they can make this work for us. Time to help our dear friend in this special soon to come dlc.


Is that the bridge leading to Tyrant’s Hold?

Oh my, 2019 was treat and now it looks like 2020 will be one as well. Real happy to see how far the game has come. Wish the guys at Crate good luck with their future ventures as well.


Thanks CRATE, great year for Grim Dawn. What i´d want to see in 2020?. Perhaps some aonnounces about… The Third Expansion

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…and don’t forget medierra’s recent comment on the topic either:

A 3rd expac is not looking likely at all.


Not to mention that a 3rd expansion would probably delay the release of the Xbox version since Crate want to do that as a bundle of base game and expansions. Can’t do that if a third is on the way.


gd’s 3rd expansion will most likely be true. the expansion is the sequel.

btw, remember titan quest? the anniversary edition remaster the old tq+immortal throne after 10 years. several months later, ragnarok (not really) expansion brings viking and bandits with loud death screams to tq. then around a year after that, atlantis expansion bring casinos to tq.

my point is, if tq can get expansion after ~10 years, then gd will be even more likely to get expansion/sequel faster. since gd community and development activity is much more lively than titan quest community.

Looks like more bridges to mend?

Great Work Crate,



@powbam @medea_fleecestealer @ crate
While i for one, still would instabuy and love a third expac… i’ve yet to admit this Questions about a third Expac, sometimes even from the same people while there are already answers of it to not happen (most likely), kinda exhausts me, and i can’t understand how you folks aren’t annoyed by it, even more considered you have to deal with that stuff more often us mere normal forum user.

cause they chose not to be annoyed by it. you can too… or just ignore it altogether…

Im done demanding a third expansion btw, Im sick and tired of it myself, its too demanding and taxing to the body to think about it whole day cause it will never happen in a long time anyway . 3rd expac will prolly happen on Feb 2026… exactly 10 years from release… by then who knows will have GD2 or someother new flagship game by that time

Well, it’s a different situation. Titan Quest’s IP was bought by another company so of course they’d want to do something to make money on it. For GD it’s up to Crate if/when they decide to do anything else with the franchise. Zantai’s comment about GD fans being interested in what he’s working on suggests something in the pipeline, but we’ll see if/when the project comes to fruition.

Can’t be annoyed when people are still showing such enthusiasm for the game. Yes, it’s repetitive and sometimes I wonder why it still gets asked, but it does because people love the game and want MOAR of it. I can see their point and in some ways I’d love to have more too, but I also think as Zantai said it would bloat the game too much. I’m one of those people who like to play all 3 difficulties so for me the game is big enough now. Adding yet another expansion or expansions would simply make it too tedious to play through all the difficulties. Besides I’m dying to find out what other games Crate can make for us to enjoy. I’m looking forward to the town builder since that’s another genre I love. What else Crate will come up with I wait with baited breath to find out. Bring it on Crate! :upside_down_face:

My most favourite QoL feature of the past year, and it wasn’t even mentioned in OP… “Transfer all crafting materials to current stash page” (sorry I don’t know if it has official name).

As mentioned, autopickup and monster health bars were already available in Grim InternalS before, and to be honest they feel better than the official implementation. “Transfer crafting materials” had no equivalent and the impact was huge for me, hunting for individual bits of material everytime I wanted to clear my inventory was a chore, and there was always some ring or medal that ended where it should not have.

Thanks for the great game. 1385h and I’m not done yet. There are still two achievements I don’t have, and who knows what goal will get my attention after that. All that time without mods. Or at least without content mods (I don’t personally count grim internals as a mod, but regardless of my oppinion it’s strictly QoL, no content). No game has managed to do that, my second best is sitting somewhere around 700h, only 500 of it with vanilla content.

When someone ask you what you do in GD end game now you can say: we repair bridges!

Beside the joke, thanks for 2019, Crate! You guys never let us down!

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And for me the transmuting set items was the most important new feature in FG. It allowed me to test different builds / sets I had not been able to before.

with all seriousness, that could be a good end game for campaign: Rebuilding stuff… we hope the townbuilder spirit is imported to Grim Dawn., repairing bridges, protecting Devil Crossing by placing watchtower vantage turrets… or securing a bit of Lowr Crossing and Burwitch Village (woudnt it be nice to see some patrol soldiers in these areas and stores are opened once again… or perhaps… greenifying Homestead with some farming and planting quests… and establishing Fort Ikon as a impregnable stronghold … these kind of small things… ( we know this is possible as Crate did the same quests such as restoring Malmouth base and clearing Blackiron Docks.

This i see possible only though after 10 years from release… when gd hits 10 year anniversary :rofl:

It makes sense now

That’s interesting how differently Opinions can be. I really love Glocken Gerda’s work, especially since it leads to an official Implementation, but for me the stuff which was added officially was still way better than a Fancreation, because visually it looks less Alien but proper fitting to the rest of the GD UI, which leads to a more immersive experience, and i also found it somewhat smoother implemented. I see the value in GI in sense of how customizable it is and the certain Features it still offers compared to the QoL Patch(though some feel to me borderline cheating like teleporting) but from my perspective the vanilla Game doesn’t need this kind of depth, but rather a easy, smooth and fitting implementation, and that’s we got with the QoL. Still i see how someone who still use GI have more Value in Features like Component Stash Transfer.

TBH it’s right now pretty confusing to talk about the stuff especially with you… but i’d argue a feeling like being annoyed or such isn’t really something which you truly can chose, but something which happen from itself because it’s more an emotion than a decision. If i’m annoyed from people it’s not like i think in my head: “Oh, i’d like to be annoyed from this Guy” moreover it simply happens that i’m annoyed. And Ignoring is such a thing. For one i don’t find it a good idea to ignore community people per se, because what’s the Point of a Community then? For another without knowing the Context, i don’t know which Posts / People i should ignore, which means: If i don’t read this annoying Posts how do i know this Posts are annoying?

Yeah okay, if you do each difficulty all DLCs / Expansions than i can see how it stretches or “bloat” the Game, though it’s a great thing that the difficultys unlock by only beating the Base-Game which is why i focus on DLC mostly in Ultimate.

About the Town Builder. TBH i’m not really fan of this Genre. Based on what you call “town builder” (i found some weird association with Age of Empires in a nother topic from certain people) there might be some few exceptions, but in general it’s one of the very few genres which i can’t do much. Banished as example never truly interested me. Still though the screenshots looks cool, and i will look into it. Maybe Crate can convince me to their the Game, and afer delievering such a amazing ARPG like GD and i really like their Game-Design Philosophy, thats why i really want to support them. But some of my friends already dig the townbuilder game.

I also looking forward to these other Projects and the Xbox Port.

@LightningYu I hope you can forgive me, its all but just me sh1tposting but now its 2020 so gotta be a man now and Zentai made me taste some suspension so im scared as hell to incur his wrath…Im a true fan of Crate but in a crazy way… Anyway whatever it is lets just support our dear beloved Crate. I myself im a fan of both arpg genre and strategy/simulation so Im digging the new project as well. Im sure that you will be forced to buy it because it will be so awesome…haha… plus Crate is not stopping GD updates so we all good for quite some time it seems while we wait…



New class? Blacksmith? Fabricator? Inventor? Originator? Deviser? Contriver? Mechanic? Freemason? Artificer? Stoneworker? Farrier?

j/k I know Crate has no plans of adding a new class.

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