Grim Misadventure #170 - A Crucible of Sights

This is still pretty open ended. Notice there is no YEAR specified :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I am guessing of the Crags is the real meat grinder, right? Like it looks as small as Crucible of the Dead. Visually they all look great. I hope Bargoll doesn’t get lost between those columns and his own plants tho.

They look great though, I will try them out! But if you mean that players prefer for Crucible runs of Dead, then we will see how efficient new maps are :nerd_face:

But if the results of new maps are similar to Dead, I will run them often and enjoy the view.

About bugs being fixed, that’s the biggest gift of them all.

And MI system improvement, exciting new patch for sure!

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Cruci arenas are looking sweet! I’m not a Cruci player myself, though.

So, the new area thingy is not coming in I guess?

Awesome. I’m really looking forward to some new old mythicals :smiley:

And those new Crucible arenas… they look gorgeous. Big thumbs up.

Well, pull off my arms and call me a clothes pin, The Bog and the Stars and … and … these look mighty tasty!

Excellent MOAR. Excellent. MOAR. EXCELSIOR!

What happened with the bridges topic?
It got scrapped?

Nope, Crate just haven’t said anything more about it yet.

No Crucible of the Bridge :frowning:


Grava’s still working on those. He’s a slow builder you know. :wink:

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It’s fine to be slow, you need to be careful with material selection, the environment the bridge gonna be made, it’s foundations, etc. But I don’t know, if it’s needed to be quick I think 40k iron bits and 80 scraps is enough

I’m quite sure Grava is being secretly foiled by his cat who’ll leap onto his keyboard the second he goes to make an epic sandwich.

Oh my god those Woods and Crag crucibles, AND they’re my two favourite in game environment by appearance. I can’t believe how good you guys are at the love you give your game.

Always a pleasure!

This is for sure the last major update for grim dawn 1, after this, I dont see how Crate can do anyMOAR content, whats is left to add?

You sound like a disbelieving guy in a TV commercial. :smile:

I am sure Zantai will figure something. Like dungeon entrance mini game, who knows :man_shrugging:


Then you haven’t been paying attention.

7th February 2020 dev stream:

"gothboyyyyyyy: what will happen to twin falls?

Now I was expecting that question to come up. The answer is … you’ll be able to go through that bridge. We’re going to open that area up, we’ve actually been working on some new little bit of content over there for you to explore. There’ll be some mobs to fight there, some something to collect and it will offer you a shortcut from the riftgate straight to Tyrant’s Hold. Not as popular a destination as it used to be, obviously from vanilla, but still it’s really cool that if you progress through Tyrant’s Hold down south to Twin Falls, from that direction you’ll be able to repair the bridge and proceed to the riftgate. It will not change the progression that you have currently in terms of how you get to Homestead for new characters; they will still progress exactly as we intended through Smuggler’s Pass, through the Mountain Deeps to Homestead. But for characters that have all the riftgates or have already cleared that area they can just go through Tyrant’s Hold, down south, repair that bridge and you have another way through. It opens up the world a little more and in a place that people have been looking forward to seeing for a long time."

We also know there’s a new blocked bridge at Burrwitch and an old broken bridge in East Marsh seem to extend further out than it used to. :thinking:


that’s just how “seasons” work isn’t it? :scorv: . Burnout aside, this looks spectacular. Wonder if anything will change regarding the crucible of the deadbuilds being the only one shown on videos.

My characters are still here when I come back. Dunno about this seasonal thing where they all shrivel up and disappear.

I don’t know about burnout. Monster hunter patches pulled me away then a friend gifted me Synthetik then another patch for RoR2 dropped then another friend pulled me back into planetside 2. I’ll pop back in for a short farming run here and there but I don’t have any immediate build goals that aren’t already resolved. MI rework will change that.



Thank you and the team for continually working on one of my most loved games. I will continue to support Crate for as long as you guys will take my support.