Grim Misadventure #171 - Expanded Horizons

I’d personally like to see Maw of Apesh and Old Grove, since those are areas clearly referred to that we were only just kinda teased by. Maw of Apesh in particular since that’s even drawn and named on the map and then…nothing in game.

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Zan said some time ago our character wouldn’t be able to exist there so not likely to happen.

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Yes, me want.
I fully intend to mod in content down that way if I can get enough dexterity with the toolset. I had also planned to fix the Twin Falls bridge but having it done officially is so much better. :sweat_smile:

So far I’ve been working on those areas in Four Hills that were cut out during Early Access. Will post a picture of what I’m talking about when I get off work. I’m sure an official restoration would be better than my attempt though.

There’s also pathways between Four Hills, Old Arkovia, and Broken Hills that I’m restoring.
In the olden days you could walk from Devil’s Crossing to Smuggler’s Pass without ever going underground. It was more… winding and mazelike, with overlapping paths, sort of similar to how the Sunbane Oasis is now. I miss the wandering around, slightly lost feeling in Act 2.

Anyway, +1,000 to this overall idea. Building more bridges and opening up more of the old areas has always been close to my heart. :heart_eyes:


Fix bridge.txt

Where’s @CairnBridgeRepairGuy when you need him the most? :smile:

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Uh, already thought something like that… Well, worth a try.

I never liked how this oddly shaped green area incites the player, but yields nothing more than possibly a quick death.



Well, if you’re asking…My favorite area has always been Asterkarn (I’m a sucker for the harsh wintery north). I’d LOVE more stuff to do in there, anything really just MOAR.


Agreed, would enjoy spending more time in the Asterkarn snow. Main quest by that point just has us travel all the way up to Fort Ikon with Creed, it’d be nice to have a side quest to do in the snow there (beyond just searching for part 3 of Hidden Path)


Wow. This is intriguing… I indeed always wondered during alpha whether later in the game you might get a chance to rebuild that bridge the trolls blew up. Guess now we can! Wonder what awaits on the other side. From the architecture, I assume more of Old Arkovia.
What could that building be in Burrwitch? Maybe the mayor’s place? Krieg might be running the place now but he was just a rich prison warden…
And that Shrine is interesting. Don’t think we have had a blue colored one yet - white is Undead, red is Chthonian, aether green is Aetherial, yellow is Beast and green is Eldritch. So what could blue mean? Maybe the servants of Yugol, they have that coloring…
As for other areas, I always felt you barely spend any time in the “Troll-lands”, ie Smuggler’s Pass and before it. Just one area with a few camps, then some caves but there Aetherials fight them too. Sure you meet them in the Eastern Marsh too but it is an optional area. I would not mind some extra mountain areas with more Trolls and some lore about them. After all, they are intelligent it seem, and can cross-breed with humans. Maybe they had some culture before?

Agreed, I been asking for that for some time. Beasts are in pretty much every area, so it makes little sense that you can only encounter their nemesis in the Ugdenbog. Ideall, I feel they should have a Nemesis on every major landmass - some giant boar in Asterkarn, a Gryphon in the Korvan lands, etc.

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Agreed on expanding Asterkarn. You just zip through that place and that’s kind of the end of it.


Oh noes! Those “lazy devs” are at it again! They’re gonna “force” me to go to new destinations with all my toons that they will have “nerfed” to “make me” buy more DLCs!

Seriously WOW! I did not see that coming. I guess I should stop waiting for the finish and start playing again.


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He’s not dead! He feels fine!
He feels happy! :smiley:

Given what walking on aetherfire feels like (and it ain’t walkin’ on sunshine) I don’t think that would end well for us…

Yeah, that and the place behind Theodin Marcell’s lair, too.

Places I’d like to see more of are: Burrwitch area; any kind of Chthonic rift (maybe a one with more elaborate structures, like an old palace, predating everything we know about Cairn, sucked into the void; like people said, that island on the map; Old Grove (maybe make the bridge repairable, with a cave entrance immediately after…

Great news! Although it’s a shame, you aren’t going to release dlc anymore. I’d love to see the ruined Erulan capital with a London-style underground train system and Luminari HQ and sanctuary as a challenge dungeon.

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Alright, this is what I was talking about restoring in my earlier post. The brown parts are the current active map. The blue parts are the restored sections from early access I’m working on. IIRC there were Earthern Shamblers in that bigger area.

The other paths I was interested in restoring were here:

In addition to that you could add the bridge between Fort Haron and Darkvale.


I wish they would make Stonereach accessible. It’d be a nice way to wrap up a plot thread.

I’ve always felt that we could benefit from having more to do in this little village. Much more.

I’d also like to go deeper into the Mountains Deep. The Den of the Lost was a magical touch that actually packed a surprising punch despite it’s very small size because 1) its location almost feels like a secret within a secret, and 2) Gollus, of course. But c’mon - what’s not to love about the bright, light electric blue of the flora down here in the Deeps…

… take us further down.

There is also, most certainly, expansion areas that could use touching upon and I feel that Gloomwald is long overdue.


Yes, we must thrust deeper into the hole, even at the cost of spilling blood :sunglasses:


more world building and secret locations? awesome!!!:clap::exploding_head:

seems like those new locations will expand the lore of arkovia and burrwitch. and its very likely crate is planning other new areas in their boxy sleeves. grin dawn upon my face.

it makes me want to make new characters and explore everything step by step, through all difficulties; veteran>elite>ultimate. imo playing that way will make the game feel fresher & newer.