Grim Misadventure #171 - Expanded Horizons

Grim Misadventures is here!

Last time, you had your first look at the new Crucible Arenas included with v1.1.7.0. But as you now have this update in your hands, that’s OLD NEWS.

V1.1.7.0 was so last week, let’s talk about V1.1.8.0! You may recall as we teased you with this image when the new year rolled around…

As you can imagine, priorities shifted, MOAR was added, then even MOAR, and here we are halfway through 2020 with no new areas in sight. But fear not, for their time is coming!

Where v1.1.7.0 focused on overhauling loot tables and introducing a mountain of new Monster Infrequents to hunt for, v1.1.8.0 will be all about world building. There are many nooks and crannies in Cairn that have been left untouched. In some cases, it was the realities of development and we couldn’t get to everything we wanted to. In other cases, we had tantalizing areas just out of sight that never got used.

The most infamous of all may be the area between Old Arkovia and Tyrant’s Hold. Those who have been with us since Early Access may recall that we once contemplated offering two routes up to Homestead but, for a number of reasons, we had to alter those plans. The game has grown since then, and we’ve had some time to ponder how we could give that area the attention it deserves.

With v1.1.8.0, you will be able to traverse Tyrant’s Hold and approach the ruined bridge from the other side. The bridge that’s teased us since the early days of Grim Dawn will finally be restored!

Sharp eyes may also have noticed that there were some changes to Burrwitch a few updates ago. As you likely suspected (and some of the modders datamined), this will indeed be another area we’ve expanded upon and will be featured in the v1.1.8.0 update!

Now why would you find yourself exploring these portions of the world when you’ve got foreboding deserts to explore and forgotten gods to vanquish? Well, as with all content, new challenges await, new wealth remains to be uncovered. To the explorer go the spoils!

Is there an area of Grim Dawn’s world that you’ve been itching to explore further?

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 08/03/2020 for the next Grim Misadventure.


Countdown to multiple requests to fix the southern DC bridge to Old Grove. :rofl:


Countdown to multiple requests to fix the southern DC bridge to Old Grove. :rofl:

I feel seen :flushed:

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Oh boy, oh boy, you guys are never going to stop adding content for this game. How do you plan on making GD 2 then?

This update is great news, I’m looking forward to new areas!


Nice! To boldly go where no man has gone b4

New bridge-focused mastery, please.


New content coming to Burrwitch?!?!?!

Friendship ended with V1.1.7.0, V1.1.8.0 is my best friend now.


Old Grove pls. Need Old Grove!!!

Need more story about why Empyrion disappeared. Korvaak tells me enough about Ch’thon and himself, need Empyrion and who won the war!


So long as we can repair Broken Hills -> Staunton Mine, I’m in.


The one place I’ve always been so frustrated to see nothing done with is that crumbled tower just north of the Broken Hills portal.


After talking to dying Isaac about his stash, I’ve wondered what would take place if we could hop on that boat there.


take us to this island :slight_smile:


Is this the abridged version?


We are “only” halfway there, this made me worried about what to come this year :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s much bridge to be made, road to be cleared, and Malmouth port to open.

I still wish there is a Beast nemesis in Arkovia-Asterkarn area to fill these area, a kind of Dranghoul warlord.

Celestial Totem, I guess it will spawn limited only in FG area. New totem loot? coming in September/October?

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I also found an area that looks a lot like a new SR chunk :wink: will that be in the update as well? That reminds me, what about the SR chunk that Grava was working on during a twitch stream?

So many boats, so little time.

The part of the game I always felt had the “least content” and always encouraged me to “rush the most” because it felt “blah” to me is Broken Hills/Barren Highlands. It’s partly intentional with names like that.

Everyone loves the “Questing to make the town prettier” quests. Why not some of those for New Harbour if you save them from extermination?

Other places I always felt: “There should be a little more here…”

  • Morton’s Claim (& Bone Pit)
  • All the basements in Burrwitch. (Can the Darlet be randomized and not get a quest marker?)
  • The cave where Jasper is rescued. The cave where you find Isaac.
  • The little bit of Fort Ikon where you encounter the dead footman before claiming the riftgate around that bridge.
  • Repairing the bridge between Broken Hills and Arkovian Foothills after a Steps of Torment clear!
  • Ugdenbog east of Barrowholm.
  • Kymon’s Retreat

It always reminded me of this zone in Icewind Dale… always wanted to know what it’d be like to embark on that huge metal ship :stuck_out_tongue: I like your idea.

  • Old Grove
  • The island north of Tyrant’s Hold
  • Maw of Apesh
  • Area north of Port Valbury
  • Coven at Stonereach

And most important MOAR LORE! Well at least what is known by npc’s like Creed and the coven talks about Ulgrim the legend.

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How about we actually get to dive into the Aether/Aetherial plane? I’m not too sure about this making sense lore-wise, but hey, we can enter the Viod too :damage_aether:

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