Grim Misadventure #176 - So the New Thing

No I mean I would like to be able to replay the campaign on Ultimate with one of my existing characters.

Can’t really do that with the aforementioned skill point rewards.

Well you could keep track of the earned ones in the character save and just not reward them a second time. :smile:

Based patch. D4 is complete garbage and Grim Dawn is still the best arpg we have, I’m glad to see this quality of life upgrades.
Tho I’m also kinda want to see auto-pickup of green items, for me it was very important feature in GI


Anyway, my opinion remains the same (this thread is for collecting opinions, doesn’t it? otherwise why create it) the feature should be optional.

Actually it’s me.

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Thanks for the backup! :smiley:
That’s basically my motivation for the request. I don’t enjoy grinding the endgame much and my “drive” is playing the campaign because it allows me to explore the (beautiful) world of the game again. Sure, I could make a new character, but after playing like… idk 30+ characters to ultimate I’m out of the experimenting phase and now I’d like to stick to the one’s I like the most.

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/players 8

Can you present an example? I’m curious.

Yes, but automatically - that’s what I meant by “auto-toggle”.

That’s what I have to do manually now, but there are three problems with that

  • I have to copy the other shortcuts in the 2nd quickslot bar
  • each time I switch weapon, I have to switch the quickslot bar (which often result in my missing a step and ending up with the wrong bar)
  • the other quickslot bar is used for that, instead of being available for something else

If it could switch automatically, it would improve a little bit.

What would really be much better, actually, is a more generic shortcut like “weapon skill” (perhaps skill #1 and #2 if several are possible). It would automatically adapt to the current weapon, without having to remap the slots.

I also have a question - how this will work with Skeletons, for which we can’t change the behavior? Will they be more aggressive?

  1. You need test several buffs.
  2. You need compare on/off buff effect
  3. You need spend your weekend to calculate elemental conversion priority order. :laughing:

Very nice! :+1:

That “snow variety picture”… By any chance, could we get a new Super Celestial boss fight with Amatok himself there? :thinking: Like, a reconstruction of Amatok devotion lore. First phase - we fight against a humanoid who casts pretty dangerous Cold spells at range, conjures blizzards around himself and ice shards from the sky, with some nasty debuffs (like, in melee you are gradually slowed down until freezing completely and receiving more damage) so that you have to warm up at random spots and not just facetank. At the second phase, though… Amatok becomes a gigantic Kuba-like monstrosity and goes melee rampage, with ice breaths, stomps and freezing abilities against ranged characters. So that Cold Resistance and especially %Reduced Freeze Duration become crucial. The reward could be a helmet (Amatok’s Chilling Gaze) or an amulet (Amatok’s Ever-Frost, something like that), +1 to All Skills, %Reduced Freeze Res, other stats (up to devs), with a spell (active or an aura) that casts a blizzard around you (like a famous Druid spell from Diablo 2).

What do you think guys? Am I expecting too much and this is a material for GD2 at minimum? :cold_face:

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I don’t remember how much I pledged during the kickstarter, but I’m confident it is/was the best purchase I have ever made. period. :smiley: You guys are madlads and spoil us too much, no wonder I’m struggling to enjoy other arpgs xD


Skeletons only have one stance and it’s already comparable to aggressive on other pets.


I mean, the Z man has a point. If a boss now has 60% chance to drop its MI, bumping it to 100% means you need to do one run instead of two to get it. Not a big difference.

What is significant is the time delay between an Arcane mob nullifying you, and your buffs automatically going up again. I think 2 seconds is too short. 4 or 5 seem much better - it means there will be a significant threat to the player, which is the point of Arcanes.

will these be coming to xbox?
if so is there any part of it that wont be?

Will pet stance be saved per character or is it universal?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it’ll all be coming to Xbox far as I know. Why wouldn’t it?