Grim Misadventure #18: Very Serious Update

Greetings, and welcome to Grim Misadventures!

First, some grim news. I regret to inform you…

That our warlock division has perished in a freak Photoshop accident. There were no survivors. However, we were able to recover what was left of their work on the Boss Image from last week. You can take a peek below.

The ____ returns!

Not their finest work. But we shall remember you always, dear warlocks! I guess you will just have to wait for the real deal. In the meantime, we have some other stuff to share!

We have some new peeks into our environments with the introduction to some of our latest village assets. Collections like these allow us to breathe more life into the environment, make a village seem more believable. First up is the general store. A remnant from better days, this shop still carries many of the products that were once part of the daily lives of the denizens of Lower Crossing. Had everything not spoiled a long time ago, this would have been a valuable asset for Devil’s Crossing.

The General Store

Next up, we have the tavern, conveniently located along the docks of Lower Crossing. A once popular location amongst the locals pre-Grim Dawn, it frequently served as the first stop for merchants and fishermen. Now it stands as a stark reminder of just how far gone the world of Cairn is. Try not to make too much of a mess. The barkeep does not appreciate bar fights.

The Tavern

Though they may no longer have valuable rations in their stocks, adventurers would be wise to scavenge these unique locations as they tend to hold many breakables that could contain rare treasures.

The last piece of content we would like to share today is a bit of tech that came online recently. You may have been wondering how Grim Dawn will guide you along your journey. The short answer is: not very much. Grim Dawn will not be holding your hand and lighting a yellow brick path for you to follow. It will provide you with contextual assistance though. NPCs will give directions to the best of their knowledge of the area. You may discover clues to the locations of dark secrets while out exploring the ruins of civilization. Or you may look upon road signs to point you towards major destinations.

The road more traveled

That wraps up the content. If you had not seen it already, Medierra posted an update on our upcoming distribution deal with the Humble Store. There will also be more alpha news soon™. Stay tuned!

This is the end. The conclusion. The last part. This finalizes this update. It is finished. Stop reading here.

You were warned

Seriously. Back there? That was a great stopping point. The best we ever did.

You’re still here?

Was something not made clear? How can we improve our clarity factor in the future? I cranked stopping point to max back there.

Totally worth all that scrolling

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good job, so exited !!

Gazerman to the rescue!

House and Home GD edition. :wink:

You can probably pick up some real rotgut at that tavern, complete with rotting innards.

Anyway, I love the look of the stuff you’ve given us and I can hardly wait to test run this game in Alpha.

Will the road signs occasionally have a corpse nailed to them to help point the way?

awesome update, and totally worth scrolling down for

that was a super read, and a great update

thank you


now that uis a very good suggestion, a few rotting corpses to warn potential would be adventurers and passers by, to stay away, would be very cool indeed

good to see that the game won’t mark where you need to go all the time, awesome news there

Haha I hope this gazer costume is no 1st april joke! xD
Environments look simply perfect.
Amazing work once again !!!

Ah, I see Gazer is trying to infiltrate the heroes of Cairn! Or, perhaps, he’s had a change of heart? :slight_smile:

Great update! Looking forward to alpha!

Love the new screenshots, especially Gazerman, but why has the HUD art gone back to silver on the metal borders? I liked the gold ones, they added sharpness to the UI. Oh, you guys must be getting at least a tiny bit frustrated at all this HUD art pandering. :stuck_out_tongue:
And may I just say, that is the coolest hat we have seen so far. Seriously? Mini bandolier strapped to the side? Blood rune above the belt buckle, along with gold spikes? That must be a Witch Hunter hat! :smiley:
Another cool update Zantai, and I hold you to your word about the Alpha news. :wink:
Younghappy :slight_smile:

Looking better and better with every update.

I thought the boss image was supposed to get clearer with each passing week…not worse.:eek:

The bar will be drinking vodka and beer?

Thank you Zantai for another awesome update.

Those ruins in the environment are adding a lot of value to the game. The attention to the detail is phenomenal and i hope you guys will keep creating a rich environment and not just common scenery. GJ!

Not a lot of guidance is how we like it. :wink: The road signs are an excellent addition. Congrats!

I guess we will be seeing that boss eventually in alpha. Best wishes to the warlock division! :stuck_out_tongue:

And a nice caster hat that is… bring on alpha news now!

P.S. I will disagree with Younghappy on this one: i like the metal look of the HUD on the sides a lot better. Makes the HUD more discreet. :slight_smile:

Keep up da Good job !

Generatin’ content in progress!:smiley:

the boss image is top secret, only a few people know the true identity of the boss, so we just have to wait until we see him / it for real


I also like the HUD as it is now, very nice

Sorry for the dumb question. What does ™ stand for?

Wiki excerpt:
Struct tm, an aggregate datatype in the C and C++ programming languages, for representing calendar dates
Pop culture:
Thrash metal
Religion and spirituality:
Transcendental Meditation, a specific form of mantra meditation
Thulium ™, a lanthanide element with 69 protons in its nucleus
Other uses:
Their Majesties: a style when referring to multiple monarchs

Also trademark, but I’m all for it standing for Transcendental Meditation this time.

Oh, I see. I believed it wud be Their Majesty.
Majesty being a synonym for medierra.

Thanks for clearing that up!

Did anyone else notice the changed HUD art, from gold metal trim to iron? Personally I liked the gold one better, is this permanent or were you just testing?
Anyway, another awesome update Zantai! :smiley:
Younghappy :slight_smile:

I don’t mind actually.
I think it looks wicked.

Loving the new screenshots!

Good Update, once again.

Those ruined buildings look great, just like I would have imagined an abandoned Tavern. Magnificent atmosphere.

Regarding the changed HUD: I really, really like it. Don’t even care that it is lopsided anymore, the way it is now is perfect, at least for me. I especially like the change from gold to iron borders, because I feel that it matches the, uhm, “grim” atmopshere… Ok, not my best one, but you get my point.

And that Gazerman looks great, would be awesome if it would be implemented in-game, even as an easteregg. Like a super rare drop from gazers to get that (pointless but funny) armor.
Alpha’s getting close by the minute, really can’t wait for it. Keep up the great work!