Grim Misadventure #33 - New Baddies

Another awesome Grim Misadventures.

Hopefully these monstrous trolls will make tank based characters a bit wary.

Awesome, those things are big, they are nasty,

can I have an appointment? can’t wait to go toe to toe with them, (even though my chance of success is probably going to be slight) :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah, can’t wait to face them, they are big boys all right, congrats on making them!

Great update :slight_smile: I already want to have a little match with a couple of these trolls right now. Although I probably will be running away from them when I really have the chance, like it was with the cyclops back in TQ lol.

Really cool. I can’t wait for b14. :smiley:

Great design on these trolls! Looking forward to fighting a towering hero version of that club-wielding giant in the future. :smiley:

Fantastic job Crate! :slight_smile:

I’m already impressed by all the additions and improvements from B13 and this is a mere alpha. With new baddies like these and all the great stuff that will be in the final version, Grim Dawn will be awesome.

Oh man! If only we had a piece of hardware that would emulate their stench!:smiley:

Seriously, very nice models. Lots of details in the bashy bashy fists! But also the scenery! The walls and the whole wilderness setting is very impressive! Veeeery nice screenshot.:cool:

Just take a shit on your desk, that should be pretty close.

Bahhh, no tech involved.

YAY, the next Grim Misadventure gets released on my birthday :smiley:

Another fantastic update, Zantai, and they just get better each week! :smiley: I loved the cyclopes in TQ, so I can say without a doubt I’ll love going up against the trolls too. The half-trolls also look pretty cool, especially love the blades on the half-troll shaman’s arm… a possible future MI, perhaps? :wink:
Thanks again for another awesome update,
Younghappy :slight_smile:

Yea they look like bones tied to his wrist. Would be neat to have a claw item drop for a unique MI. Would make the Nightblades all the more badass then they already are.

Y’know, I hardly ever reply to these things cause I never have anything worthwhile to say but holy crap that loot idea sounds just absolutely awesome. It blows my mind that such a simple system as that has never really been done before haha, but now that just raised the hype times ten!

Great looking update. So stoked for build 14.

Also more of my friends have been getting the game and I am also really looking forward to multiplayer.

Wouldn’t it be more natural to have traditional controls active by default? For those who want other setups should be the ones going through the options in my opinion.:mad:

  1. The second change is the recent addition of the one-shot chests. The Warden chest (which will be buffed in B14 to guarantee 1 blue item) is just the first of many such chests. We have added five more one-shot chests to the world for you to find which guarantee one epic item or rare component with a high chance of rare items.

I don’t know the details of how/when these chests spawn. What are the ideas concerning farming these chests instead of the bosses? Similar to the spiderqueen in Titan Quest where you went for the Olive Branch that guarded several chests. As well as the big Scorpion near the settlement in the desert.

Those trolls look amazing. I just hope they don’t have the same shout effect as the big giants/titans in TQ. That was just annoying after a short bit.

Check the screenshot of them on page 2 of this thread. Looks like they do, unfortunately for you. Personally I liked it, the cyclopes on Mt Olympus could cut through a char’s health by half with just one of those shouts! :eek:

Would also work with the Drangoul arm blades, if they were to drop either as an MI or a regular piece of gear. :wink:

The trolls look amazing! And I’m very happy that we’re getting more non-undead/demon type enemies.

The sound effects and the ability itself is still unknown when it comes to the Troll’s war cry ability thing. I too found the sound of the cyclopes roar kinda annoying especially before fighting Typhon where you had like 4+ of them roaring constantly lol.

Pretty sure the size of those things would make such an item a 2 handed melee weapon lol. Perhaps if there was a child-like version of the blades that a sentimental Drangoul was carrying when he was going home to his lil Drangoul son or something, then I could see a 1 handed version :slight_smile:

Ah but keep in mind the cyclops boss from TQ, when he dropped his club (which also had an MI version) it scaled to the player’s size as a 1H weapon. :wink: Pretty funny at first, but hey I would use those Drangoul blades whether they were one-handed or not! :smiley: