Grim Misadventure #38: Of Bugs and Features

Welcome back to Grim Misadventures. Today’s update is absolutely filled with words and pictures!

As you may have heard, we tried to do another livestream. As you also may have heard, it was a disaster as my computer rebelled against me. I believe I have the situation resolved now, so we will schedule another livestream in the near future. In the meantime, Gibly has compiled the good bits of the stream. You can check it out here.

Act 2 is still being heavily iterated upon based on feedback and bug reports we had received from the playtesters. This includes fixing quest bugs so they don’t destroy your characters, balancing out the damage spikes and unfair combat situations, but it also includes some new features coming your way! Many of these are things you guys have been asking about for a while.

Some of these include:

  • A codex page in the quest log which tracks any notes you’ve acquired: you can re-read any notes you find at any time without the need to store them in your inventory or stash.
  • World item comparison tooltips: by holding ‘Alt’ you can immediately compare an item on the ground to whatever you have equipped.
  • ’move’ and ‘force move’ keybindings have been added: you can now move around while ignoring enemies or interactive objects while using these new functions.
  • Components can now be combined even if you do not meet the level requirements.
  • Personal riftgates can now be opened without the confirmation prompt.
  • And more…

We’re planning to roll out crafting next after Act 2. It is mostly working but we need to go back and add-in a rescue quest for the blacksmith to Act 1 and we want to get more recipes in.

Beyond these technical improvements, we are also improving drop rates from bosses and hero monsters, as well as increasing the frequency at which you will find hero monsters spawning. Exploring and finding these hero spawns should feel considerably more rewarding. In addition, to alleviate the issue with huge item tooltips, some rare affixes have been adjusted so that you cannot generate double skill-procs on one item. To accommodate this, 7 new rare affixes have been added to the game.

That should about cover it for words, let’s show some pictures! If you watched our shattered livestream, you probably saw these creatures lurking around the dark ruins of Old Arkovia. Our undead have a story to tell regarding their dreadful origins. What that story is… that is for you to discover.

If you watched the video to the end, you may have also noticed a brand-new creature lurking in the bones of the dead. This bone golem is a powerful new adversary awaiting you in Act 2.

That’s all for today! Check back on 02/17/2014 for our next dev update!

Nice one, hope to explore act 2 soon :wink:

Beautiful models!
Do the skeletons still send bones flying everywhere?

What sort of sick, demented, depraved question is that?!

Of course they do!

Awesome :smiley:

nice really cant wait to play it!

Zantai i saw the video you play 5 times again and i saw there was a note–forgotten pasage (was in purple color) you didnt pick it up, so i ask can you share what is that or is secret???

Im really loving how the bone golem looks its disgusting and incredibly full of detail.

Im glad that personal rift gates will no longer will prompt a pop up. If I were personally asked for a single quality of life tweak that would of been it.

Those models and upcoming changes look great - I can’t wait to start playing Act 2! :cool:

Any more information about this change? Which existing affixes are being altered?

Nice update!

If there are skeletal mages, those would be cool to see too. :slight_smile:

Also, is that 3rd skeleton an archer? It’s hard to tell if that’s a bow in its hand.

the 3rd one is the aforementioned skeleton mage :wink:

Nice update. “force move” and riftgate confirmation removal are interesting indeed.

So awesome, can’t wait to play Act 2. Seriously, it’s killing me lol

I believe that is a skeletal mage, as it is a runed bone (focus item) in his hand. :wink: The angle does make it difficult to distinguish at first though.

Another fantastic update, Zantai! I was left in shock after that encounter with the Bone Golem, especially seeing as it killed you! :eek: So it was sure good finally getting a closer look at it in this update, along with those fantastically-detailed skeles!
Cheers for once again bringing us our bi-weekly dose of happiness! :smiley:
Younghappy :slight_smile:

Great update. I cannot wait (not that I will have time to play with midterm week coming up, actually on seconds thought I would play then study).

Hmmm, so the question is, if one like to have the Bone Golem rare or done…

Crate never seems to disappoint! :smiley: I’m surprised those additional features are making their way into the next build and they are infinitely useful, keep up the good work!

PS. Don’t feel bad about the livestream not going as expected, it was still amazing to see that Bone Golem in action for the first time!

These enemies look awesome guys great work!

I see a skelly warrior, priest, warlock and knight. Did you leave the two sickest out for the in-game scare factor? You sick sick man :stuck_out_tongue:

Those scrolls are part of a quest. And Zantai mentioned he wasn’t going to show any details regarding quests since they might contain spoilers.

Yeah, it was hard to tell. Well, since the consensus seems to be that it’s a skeletal mage, how about a screenshot of a skeletal archer? :slight_smile:

Just beautiful as always. More enemies, better drops, huge bad ars heroes… and cool new features (kudos on the comparison feature,been thinking about it the other day), it will be an EPIC act 2.

Thanx 4 the update and looking forward for the next stream (make it soon pls).