Grim Misadventure #46: We Need Food

Hello and welcome back! In this latest dev update for Grim Dawn, we are going to delve into an upcoming new mechanic: Constitution and Rations.

Grim Dawn currently features a powerful healing system that activates upon leaving combat for a few seconds. It is commonly referred to as Out-Of-Combat Regen and abbreviated to “ooc regen”. The system was implemented in order to reduce overal reliance on health potions and eliminate the need to drink potions after battles to refill health before engaging the next group of enemies.

However, some perceived the unlimited healing as an exploit that made the game too easy. Since health potions were expensive and ooc regen free, it also “forced” players to constantly leave combat and regen as a means of conserving health potions. This slowed down the pace of combat and was also skewed in favor of ranged characters who, already fighting from the fringe of combat, could more easily access ooc regen and did so more frequently.

Previously, our only means of balancing ooc regen was to reduce or eliminate it. In B17 we significantly slowed the rate of regen. This alleviated the feeling of it being overpowered but slowed down gameplay, increasing the time it took to run around avoiding enemies and regenerate during battles. It also resulted in times where people wouldn’t be fully healed by the time they reached the next group fo enemies and would have to stop and wait.

We realized that we needed an additional mechanic that would allow ooc regen remain fast but not feel cheap and unlimited. The solution was a new long-term resource we called “constitution”.

Full Constitution Meter

Constitution is displayed as an overlay on your health bar, which denotes your ability to heal rapidly. Whenever you trigger Out-of-combat regen, you will begin consuming this resource. You start with 300 points of constitution and each point heals 1% of your maximum health. That means you can fully regenerate three times before running out. If you run out, you will no longer fast-regenerate outside of combat. (Note that this does not affect Health Regeneration from skills and items, which is a separate mechanic.)

But fear not, brave traveler, as there are ways to restore this precious resource. As you rummage through the dangerous ruins of Cairn, you will find consumable, instant-use objects that allow you to sustain your constitution. These last remains of what’s still edible and unspoiled out in the world can drop from enemies, chests and breakables in the form of “food rations”. You will also occasionally stumble across an unfinished meal, left behind in makeshift camps by drifters who recently fled or met their demise.

Together, Constitution and Rations provide a new layer to the desperate story of Cairn, reminding you that even food is a precious resource that cannot be taken for granted. You will be able to experience this new twist yourself when Build 19 is released!

Enjoying our updates? The next one is coming on 06/09/2014.

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Thats a nice idea good sir

Thanks for the update the new healing mechanic sound good. I do however hope that those’s those food ration don’t drop to often. Because healing potions drop very frequently.

A very fine idea. Well played.

A rather interesting way of dealing with the OOC-regen issue, looking forward to trying it out in the upcoming builds. Not sure I’d be so quick to chow down on half-eaten rat just lying around but, eh, you gotta make do in post-apocalyptic wasteland I suppose.

Keep up the good work!

I feel like bursting into song when I see new posts :smiley:
I like the sound of this, cant wait to try it out.

I hope the next update will be a new build =) Nice addition though.

I’m hungry for an update.

It looks neat. I will probably enjoy this mechanic.

Seems like it will unnecessarily complicate the game and add another variable to try to balance. I was fine with the lower regen…I actually preferred how rare the potions were when the game first released. Now I have the typical 99 tonics (but an elixir ain’t one). Only improvement I really cared to see was a reduction in the potion cooldown.

chomp chomp gulp

Say, that’s a wonderful solution!

Will food be readily available anywhere? I would like it if we were encouraged to revisit abandoned villages and settlements or encampments to scavenge food. The odd food ration on a rotting corpse would be fine with me, but a sense of packing up for a dungeon crawl, or actually rifting out of somewhere in order to find food so you can keep using oocr would be a nice touch, especially for first playthroughs.

Will Ulgrim have anything to do with this?

Is b19 oocr slower than that of b18?

nice idea!

ooc regen was one of the rare gampelay mechanism in GD that wasn’t totally satisfying, but it really seems to go in the right direction. i really can’t wait to test it !

my only minor concern is the color of the overlay which i personaly hate :stuck_out_tongue: but that’s just me.

Thank you for the update anyway !

While i like the idea i do hope the food/drink will be frequent enough that it works as intended. Since if you end up having to quaff potions anyway to heal then the entire feature becomes useless

I like this change, or I think I like it; can’t truly say until I get to play with it. From what I’ve seen (via Jiaco on Twitch, etc) it seems to work pretty nicely since it would make you more inclined to drink a potion when your health is low rather than just run away and “abuse” the ooc system.

I will just inject my experience cause I feel it answers some of the questions.

First of all, most classes have some skill that can help you heal. Between the raven, PBurst, blood of dreeg, MWill, Vflame? (not sure if that one fits the category) and health pots you have ways to conserve constitution.

The drops are rare, but you begin to really test your memory by remembering where they drop as you basically leave them until you think you need it enough or you find another.

And taken together, it adds a whole new level to gameplay that you have to learn at first, but then rapidly becomes second nature and you cannot image the game without it.

As for the color, I have nothing to add there. Might help to give some reason when you want to say such a thing. :smiley:

Nice UPdate, can not wait to play b19:D

well i don’t really know myself, sorry :o (maybe i was influenced by Zantai saying the blood was infected :eek: or maybe it’s just i don’t like the yellow :rolleyes: )

Hopefully the food will be an uncommon find otherwise it will make it seem like there is a hobo’s bounty of bin food to find. A bit like with iron… It’s so rare that’s why I’ve i along with everyone else have got around 750k of it…

It’s a nice mech cos really ooc is ridiculous it just in-courages kiting on hard fights.

Oh, the rations are consumed immediately then? I thought we could pick them up as any other item.

i hope that you cannot build a stock pile in your inventory and auto consumed on pick up… bag spaces is at a premium specially as more rogue like dungeons open over future builds

Replacing potion chugging with scavenging for snacks? Seems a bit contrived, I don’t think that I like that. :undecided: