Grim Misadventure #64: A Window into the Faction World

Grim Misadventures are back, and this time with another helping of what is up and coming with the Faction System overhaul. Previously, we have introduced you to Augments, a new way to customize your gear and even give your weapons glow effects, as well as some of the factions you will be encountering in Act 3. But with 11 Factions in the game, it is important to be able to keep track of your progress in an organized and descriptive manner. For this, we have the brand new Faction UI.

The old Factions tab in the Character Sheet is gone, replaced by a dedicated Window that will not only provide all of the previously available information at a glance, but also in-depth information on every faction you have encountered.

The Faction Window

As you begin your adventures in Cairn, you will be aware of only three groups: Devil’s Crossing, the Aetherials and the Chthonians. But as you explore and meet other survivors (and enemies), the Faction Window will update with those groups. Once you perform a quest for any given faction, you will be able to earn reputation with them by killing their foes. But each faction has different goals and desires. You will be able to see exactly what they are in the Faction Window.

Reputation Tiers
There are 8 tiers of reputation you can reach. Most factions will start you off at Tolerated, progressing either towards deeper hostility or a stronger alliance. As you reach higher reputation tiers, you will unlock rewards, ranging from vendor discounts to new quests or access to special faction-only equipment.

Upcoming Faction Rewards

Vendor Discounts

But what about hostile factions? Yes, becoming more hated by your foes has repercussions too. As you destroy your enemies all around Cairn, your reputation with enemy factions will become increasingly hostile, causing them to send in more powerful foes to stop you. Once you reach the Nemesis tier, then you know you have really angered that group. Tread lightly!

The Faction Window marks the first stage of our Faction System Overhaul. You can look forward to finding out more about Cairn’s factions with Build 24, when the Faction Window is released along with Act 3: Chapter 2 and many other improvements to the game. Faction Vendors and Reputation rewards (and consequences) will be released with Build 25, coming soon after the upcoming Build 24.

Like knowing what’s coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 02/16/2015 for our regular development updates!

Looks amazing!

the new faction system looks very nice :slight_smile:

are all the factions either “good” or “evil” or is it actually possible to choose for some of them? for example, could I be hostile towards homestead and allied towards cronley’s gang?

now that I call a major overhaul. I have to admit the faction system is going to be interesting to see how it develops, and what we will see in build 25!!! but I love the window, and the faction rewards and discounts. looking good Crate, looking good!

uhhhh really excited, can we get any info on when build 24 will be out?
it doesnt seem like we can side with bandits and general “evil” faction, though that would be cool :slight_smile:

Cant wait more and more cool stuff ,awesome job!!

Great addition to GD’s replayability.

The game tells a story of humanity’s battle against the Chthonians and the Aetherials, which does require that some factions be inherently “good” or “evil”, but you will have to make an important choice in Act 3 that will forge a critical alliance, but also create new foes to contend with.

Unless Cronley’s Gang starts handing out quests I don’t see how this is possible.

Build 24 is currently ahead of its end of March deadline, but I can’t give you a concrete date at this time. :cool:

Very nice addition to this awesome game. :slight_smile:

Honestly more the game is progressing to its final state more i think how it could be absolutely amazing to play it with secured server (oooh once again !:p) but this is true, i sincerely hope it will meet the success it deserves.

Wow, I was just about to ask what happens when you max out negative reputations. Would be awesome that some unique bosses would only be unlocked if you reach Nemesis tier, so that would give an incentive to farm towards negative reputation too.

Also a question, does the reputations reset when you change difficulty?

Looking forward to B24 and the Faction UI update. Looks very nice!

true, unless we see some of Cronley’s gang survivors who want to make amends, could be a double twist if that happens, do you take them in and if so can they betray you in the process or do they really want to go back in the straight and narrow and help out by fighting the real enemy?

maybe for an expansion maybe?

Well there are those former Cronley Gang members that are found in cages in a Cronley camp…

excited about this too. Crate really put something not just for sake of having it, but really put it all together to make it work. now that what i call real feature and not just marketing gimmick just for the sake of marketing.

thumbs up! looking forward to this.

The question I’d have in this case is how that would be handled in multiplayer? If the choice you makes one or the other of a faction hostile… then what happens if you join someone’s game and they’ve allied with the other faction?

By the way, I LOVE the idea of the enemy having factions that put out more vicious enemies the more hated you are. What about having a few quests pop up in those cases too?

“Looks like you p’ed off something big. Cronley’s Gang (for instance) has gotten better organized against you, and are planning an assault. We need to stop the attack before it even starts. Go out and kill X and X, and destroy their supplies.”