Grim Misadventure #68: Mandated Reputation

Grim Misadventures, your number one source for all up and coming Grim Dawn content, is at it again. The next build is going to flesh out the faction system in all its glory. That means new items, new spawns and a whole new reason to set out into the world.

We have talked about bounties before. The system is now fully fleshed out, featuring 145 bounties split between the game’s 7 friendly factions. This includes hunting down 35 brand new hero monsters that will spawn exclusively through the bounty system.

Bounties will often guide you towards the best spots to hunt down the respective faction’s enemies, but sometimes you may find yourself traveling to unexpected places, eagerly stalking a foe you have never met before. Unlike standard quests, bounties are unguided. That means minimal instructions and no quest markers on the mini-map. It’s just you, nature and your target(s). Will you prove to be a master bounty hunter?

But all this talk about bounties doesn’t mean anything if you do not have the reputation to access the Bounty Table. For this, we are introducing a new set of items known as Mandates and Writs.

If you have already made several characters in Grim Dawn (Probably a handful of you, am I right?), then Mandates are for you. By purchasing one of these scrolls and placing it in your Transfer Stash, you can use it on another character to permanently boost reputation gain with a faction by 100% on that difficulty.

Mandate of Devil’s Crossing

But what’s in it for the character that did all the monster slaughter in the first place? In that case, our proprietary Grim Dawn Writ technology is for you! By using a Writ, you will permanently increase your reputation gain with that faction on the Next difficulty, a great way to get a head start when the monster slaughter gets tougher. Note that, unlike Mandates, Writs cannot be transferred.

Writ of Devil’s Crossing

These special scrolls, unique to each faction’s Quartermaster, become available to characters that reach Revered status, a testament to and reward for your dedication.

All of this and more is coming with Build 25, which is expected to enter quality testing in April.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 04/13/2015 for our regular development updates!

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Looks great! Can’t wait to try it all out.

only TESTING in april… :frowning:

looks good guys. looking very much forward to this update… :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good. Can’t wait to get my mitts on B25!

What are those jar looking items just above the writ and mandate?

Those are augments.

I also spy something new under the health potion.

Looks fantastic! Finally another boost for my veteran character to fight all the monsters again and again.

This is so freaking amazing!! Can’t wait to see it in action :cool:

More faction stuff, nice! Interesting addition for an ARPG and I really like what I have seen so far.

can’t wait to test :smiley:

Nice, nice!

I can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff… the faction system is really shaping up to look like a primary objective for each character, which gives even more stuff to do.

I love the idea of bounties sending you out into the wild. Minimal directions, just exploring… and then the excitement when you come upon your target. Going to be great.

That is sound great !!

Awesome!! Looking forward to it! :smiley:

So only about 6 different bounties per faction?

Still unclear how it works in game. :confused: Do you get to choose which bounty you want to do from a list? Are they randomly assigned every time you log in?

Bounties! LOTS OF BOUNTIES! Everyone loves bounties!


1)Is there going to be an icon/overlay in each faction’s bar to track our use of writs/mandates, because…
2)If they can be stacked, I’ll probably confuse myself over how much of a bonus I have to each faction’s reputation.
3)Will the bounty givers have a preset determined cycle and go through it? In the screenshot the board isn’t open yet, but let’s say it was. Could I then reject all the bounties once to see what their objectives are and then take it from the top again and agree to do bounty #5?
4)Is there going to be a traditional bounty board, with posters of ugly mugs and a dagger used as a pin?
42)Are they going to have delicious coconut in the middle?:eek::smiley:

I love the idea of bounties! They’re just perfect for those days when I’m a little bored to push forward in the game and I don’t feel like farming bosses/grinding areas either. Can’t wait!

145/7 is roughly 20 per faction though it remains to be seen if they will be even with each faction.

It’s a few more than that (145/7 = :eek:)

  1. You will see an indicator in the Faction Window.

  2. A Mandate overwrites a Writ (ie. you can’t get more than +100%, the 100% overwrites the 20%).

  3. Bounties are randomly selected. You will have no way of determining what Bounty will be offered when you start up the game, and no way of knowing what you will get next. The only rule in place is that you cannot get the same bounty twice in a row within the same session.

  4. Bounties are offered via a Bounty Table, such as the one in the screenshot.

  5. Yeanomaybe

This sounds very interesting. I look forward to what kind of hero and reward appears!

Awesome! let’s try that once the build is out! :wink:

Any timeline on when b25 is coming out? What does quality testing mean?