Grim Misadventure #70: Build 25 Preview

A very Build 25 Grim Misadventure begins; the update that will change Factions forever, because the feature will be complete! But that’s not all that you can look forward to with our latest major content release. Today’s update is about just that.

As you are probably eager to hear, Build 25 has entered internal testing and is being vetted for various game-breaking issues. We are currently resolving a rather nasty quest script-related bug that causes NPCs and monsters spawned via scripts to not properly clean up. As an example, imagine rifting Ulgrim to Devil’s Crossing, but he’s still in the swamp And in town. This has some unusual repercussions as well for One-Shot Chests, which do not despawn correctly after being looted the first time.

Needless to say, this bug needs to be fixed before Build 25 is ready for its debut. We expect Build 25 to be released by mid-May. However, work on Build 26 is already well underway so we are expecting Build 26 to be released around July.

So what exactly is coming your way with Build 25? As always, the build is packed with features, content and improvements. Take a look at what’s coming soon to a Grim Dawn near you.

Faction System
We’ve already covered what’s coming extensively in earlier updates, but in case you missed it, you can follow these links to learn about: Nemesis Spawns,
Faction Quartermasters, Bounties, Mandates and Writs.

In short, the Faction System is going to become a major feature of the game!

Damage Over Time Stacking
Damage over Time (DoT) in Grim Dawn has long been a bit of an underdog, primarily due to the fact that if you applied a DoT effect from one attack and then applied the same DoT effect from another, the two would not stack. Instead, only the most powerful effect would deal damage.

With Build 25, we have overhauled this mechanic completely, allowing DoT effects to stack with diminishing returns, using the following array: 100%, 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 0%. What this means is that the most powerful DoT will deal 100% damage, the next most powerful DoT will deal 50% of normal damage, etc. This is only applied to DoT effects of the same type (ex. Poison) and has no impact on the stacking of unique DoT effects (ex. Poison vs. Burn).

As an example: You cast Dreeg’s Evil Eye at an enemy to apply 100 poison damage over 5 seconds, and then hit them with your sword which has 45 poison damage over 3 seconds and 24 burn over 3 seconds. In Build 24, only Dreeg’s Evil Eye and the burn damage would take effect, with the 45 poison damage from your weapon nullified by the DoT from your spell. In Build 25, all three effects will be applied, with the 45 poison damage from your weapon reduced to 50% strength.

This change should make stacking DoTs much more effective.

Physics Optimization
More physics processes have been offloaded from the main thread, resulting in smoother performance, primarily during combat.

Updated Casting Animations
Tumbledown has been busy chipping away at new animations. Whenever you cast attack spells such as Dreeg’s Evil Eye, the animation will now randomly cycle between 3 different variants.

You can also look forward to new animations for: Warcry, Field Command, Doombolt and Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange as well as adjustments to the dual-gun wielding animations to help make combat feel more fluid.

New Armor, Epic Item and Faction Equipment art
Believe it or not, the artists have been making new stuff too. That includes the final art for all of our common armor (no more placeholders), the final art for all level 1-50 Unique items currently in the game and the addition of dozens of new pieces of equipment for Grim Dawn’s various factions.

Bosses Heal on Kill
With the introduction of Nemesis Bosses, we added a new mechanic that allows them to regain some health whenever they kill a player. We have expanded this mechanic to most bosses in the game on Veteran difficulty or higher.

The challenge faced by the toughest monsters in the game should now be that much more meaningful.

Component Rebalancing
We took a thorough look at our Components and made revisions to many of them in order to improve your options and make your choices that much more difficult. 31 of the game’s 83 Components have been updated.

In addition, several Component Blueprints have been made baseline instead of loot drops, making it easier to complete your crafting needs.

And more…
We could go on, but then we’d just be spoiling the full changelog! Build 25 is absolutely packed with improvements and bug fixes.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 05/11/2015 for our regular development updates!

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Cant wait for the full release. :slight_smile:

Nice! Looking forward to all of these changes, but especially DoT and component changes.

Thanks for the update!

Can’t wait 'til it comes out!! :smiley:

Count the Days until the update!

YES looks amazing guys!!!
and im so happy about the Damage Over Time Stacking it was needed, plus i like the way you balancing with the diminishing returns…
cant wait for build 25!

Great to hear about DOT’s stacking. Thanks for the update guys!


Awesome stuff, but jesus christ, expecting B25 mid may and 26 “possibly” by July? I remember last year we talked about an August full realease date, and that was a conservative estimate.

I know things come up and all, but you’ve sold what, nearly 180.000 early access copies on steam and had 12-13.000 KS backers? At some point it might be cheaper to hire some extra people and cut down the production time. At this rate I am wondering if the game will even be finished by 2016, let alone 2015.

By the time B26 hits, we’ve had maybe 2-3 hours of new content and no level increase in 7 months(not counting the faction system).

I love the game, I really do, and you guys are brilliant at what you do, but some of the executive decisions makes me wonder. It’s like an album being released one song a time, with every track being pushed back. An amazing album yes, one of the greatest, but still the point stands.

Nice, super excited for this next build.

at first i was a little disapointed, but the more i read the more excited i became :slight_smile: DoT’s stacking is a really great news and the common HL armor look just awesome !

Great job guys! :smiley:

Love your game since i bought a key, and it keeps getting better with every build, really like your passion about GD! (Like the GGG guys! ) :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for it. BTW, can we expect maybe a level cap increase with the coming of B25, or it’s more likely with B26? Next time when you increase the cap, can you plz make it up to minimum level 50.

I also don’t like to make eye contact with my ilvl 40+Items. :frowning: I rather would like to use them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also more stash space plz, to not force us to make mule chars plz, don’t like this way, hope it will not stay as it is. It’s not enough, yes i’m a hoarder as many of us i guess, but still plz. Just think about the components for craft etc. :S

So far i am really happy with your game, keep up the good work Crate team! :smiley:

Plz reply to this Zantai or Medierra or someone else, what can we expect and when the things mentioned above.

Ty in advance! :slight_smile: A Hungarian fan. :smiley:

So, basically, you guys decided to implement a ton of the suggestions from here on the forums? Nice! Amazing work as ever! Loving the technicolor armors. :wink:


Level cap will not increase with B25, but will with B26. A level 50 cap might be a bit generous; I’d estimate 45 (which actually opens up a LOT of build possibilities), with 50 being released with either Act 4 or the next difficulty.

We did bring on more help, in fact. You can read a recent reply on “how long it’s taking” from Medierra.

There will be a level cap increase with B26, most likely to 45.

"Bosses Heal on Kill
With the introduction of Nemesis Bosses, we added a new mechanic that allows them to regain some health whenever they kill a player. We have expanded this mechanic to most bosses in the game on Veteran difficulty or higher.

The challenge faced by the toughest monsters in the game should now be that much more meaningful."

I wonder how this mechanic could work in Single Player HC?

Cant wait for B25!

In that case, the boss heals to full, devours your body and digests it so you can never resurrect again.

It will work, just your character won’t see it in action! :wink: LOL!

Edit: Beaten to the punch. LOL!

What about multiplayer hardcore? “My faithful comrade… You died a honorable death to the hands of a worthy foe… checks boss health and screwed me over in the process. Damn you 133t-pwnr69!”:stuck_out_tongue:

Very interesting update, by the way. The DoT part is a huge deal, and all those little fixes and improvement are very welcome!

Waiting for b25 patiently.

Cool update especially for rebalancing blueprints (some components are really hard to find so make them craftable is great idea).

Nice job!!! :smiley:

Question :
Will DOT stack within the same skill? The exemple given were from difference source of attack!

I’m interested to see the changes in components.

Perhaps I’m alone in this, perhaps I’m not. But I find myself hoarding and not using components on a “just in case” basis. I tend to not be able to bring myself to use the good components on low level pieces of gear, especially unique items, where you would think they would be worthy, but that just feels wrong to, since they will be viable for only a short time. The main reasoning being, in order to reuse the items individually, I’d have to sacrifice either the component or the gear piece, neither of which I’d like to do, since they both serve purpose. One for expediting the levelling process, the other for being a useful asset at all levels.

Is this something you are happy with? I suppose that choice is supposed to be difficult, but do you think the component hoarding mentality some may have is healthy for the game?

This is, I believe borne of the randomness of the completion bonuses. Are there any plans to amalgamate or force certain bonuses of components through a heavy penalty of creation?