Grim Misadventure #87: Build 29 Preview

The final Grim Misadventure of 2015 begins! And with the end of the year fast approaching, so is the impending releasing of our next major content update: Build 29. With Build 29, Grim Dawn will become content-complete. All of the shiny content we have promised will become available, and with it, access to the game’s next two difficulty modes.

But, as you know by now, we never settle for just “a whole lot of stuff” in our updates. They need to have a whole lot of stuff times TWO. Let’s run down some of the features and changes you can look forward to in the near future.

The Finale of Grim Dawn
Venture into the Necropolis and thwart the vile plans of the Cult of Ch’thon as they seek to resurrect an ancient evil within the forgotten tombs.

Enter the Bastion of Chaos
Delve into the depths of the Void and face off against some of its most cruel denizens in our second Roguelike Dungeon!

Over 500 new items
With this update, you will gain access to the level 60-75 item range, which includes our new Empowered Epic items. Also included are 248 Legendary items ranging from level 50-75!

Devotion Improvements
Build 29 will includes some balance changes to various constellations, as well as new options for existing skills (ex. you can now assign Bull Rush to Forcewave if you wish). In addition, we have resolved a technical hurdle with debuff effects, allowing us to enable Celestial Powers on offensive debuffs such as Bloody Pox, Devouring Swarm and more. In addition, Targo’s Hammer and Guardian’s Gaze can now hit the same target more than once.

The Return of High Level Faction Gear
If you’ve been hoping for high level versions of Faction Equipment, then your wish has been granted. Players who reach Revered status with a Faction will now earn access to level 70 versions of their equipment.

Bug Fixes and Tech Improvements
We are always fixing bugs, and Build 29 is no exception. Here are some of the things coming from our programmers:

  • Completed Quests are now recorded within the Quest Log.
  • PvP is now disabled within safe zones (Devil’s Crossing, Homestead and the Fort Ikon NPC area).
  • Camera zoom setting is now saved per character.
  • Fixed a bug where loot was invisible in instanced loot mode for some players if they died or left the area of a loot drop.
  • Optimized and improved the quality of all enemy ragdolls (physics).
  • Fixed Weapon Damage showing (0-0) for Item skills.
  • Devotion skills will now show their max rank.

And more…
You know the drill, this is just scratching the surface, but the rest is waiting for you with the release of Build 29, later this month. We are as excited as you are for the game to be Content Complete!

What the Heck is This Thing?!

Grim Misadventures will return in 2016, on 01/11/16. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Amazing. Can’t wait

Isn’t it beautiful?

Not first twice in a row :smiley:

Edit: Every update you post gets me more excited, I am currently not playing want to explore everything on release, great work so far!


Love the armor set and looking forward to B29!

Happy Holidays Crate!

it’s so close i can smell it, awesome stuff:]

So, we’ll finally have all difficulties, dungeons and quests. That’s a pretty massive step forward. Great work guys.

release this at once and stop torturing me!

So later in this month, or 01/11/16 ???

Is CoF an offensive debuff??
with 25 extra devotion points comming it would be great if we can atach something to the curse.

One question, I’d you’d be so kind: how confident are you about the scalability of player skills into the final difficulty?

Your testing team isn’t so big so I’m curious. I have concerns that some skills will fall short of having any impact on late game content. Like devouring swarm.

Obviously we the players will provide feedback that will help you guys round things out better but I’d like to know how you feel about the scalability of build diversity. It can and should be expected that not all builds that can blast through difficulty one will be viable until the very end but ideally most skills will scale well with the end game gear.

I suspect it’s a strange question but I’d appreciate any general thoughts anyone from the team could share on this matter.

Edit: also could you share whether or not you plan to keep skill points at 2 per level past 50 or if they will reduce even further at another point. (And what level that’d be)

I guess you guys don’t like giving non definite answers but it’d be a nice christmas gift to min maxers to give us some time to plot out our builds in advance even if it does change again later.

The B29 game patch will be released later this month.
Next development update (forum post) will be on 01/11/16.

Have not observed anything too unworkable yet, but we will be interested in feedback, of course. We can address shortcomings with Build 30 in 2016.

Already said somewhere that 2 skill points per level is going to be 50 through the level cap for the game.

OMG ! Amazing! being the last year and near santa. there is no possibility of giving a date for b29? thanks.

And thank you soooooooo much for bringing the high level faction items back !

You should know better by now than to ask me for dates. I’m a married man. :o

This is all cool things but what max level cap can we expect???

Thank you very much. I must have missed that :rolleyes:

Good to know. I’m twice as excited now

Why is there a set of Daedric Armor in Grim Dawn ?

BTW, did you just confirmed that the level cap will be 75 ?