Grim Misadventure #90: Arkovian Facelift

I’m going to do that as well! Time for a fresh start.

The way the world is all coming together is amazing. Love the art style.
very exciting, keep up the good work guys! :smiley:

The new environment positively oozes character. Two thumbs up!

The new art looks absolutely amazing!

its so good to see that GD is finally going to the ‘‘unique’’ feel that TQ had with all acts being very different from each other going from plains to deserts to mountain to the fu** hell (literally)

I think GD is going to fix the only ‘problem’ I had with it for a long time, the boredom of the environment

Wow that just looks so amazing and now old arkovia does live up to it’s name. I just love the architecture and making is more immersive.

Throwing daggers?

Also, I love the Phoenician influences in the ruins.

I’m thinking it’s caster wands at last…



Why ? If I may ask :slight_smile:

I think ill need some help to kill Telkine!

About the sword, they will remake Crystallum?

Im sure that its this pic!

Probably so they can go back and enjoy the new artwork in Burrwitch Outskirts and other areas.

I usually restart with every build, but to be honest, the best time might be when the release the full game.

Nope, the Crystallum is yellow.

It’s the Stormheart.

I absolutely love the fact that you’re adding new visuals, especially those statues. However, those statues at Arkovian Undercity, I hope we’re going to have similar visuals for Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos.

Arkovian UC was already one of my favourite places but now… awesome changes ! (and Old Arkovia too) no idea what the last hint relates to however :confused:

I was definitely contemplating doing the same
Have started 2 characters under build 30 … will can all the rest and not rely on old found gear.

Really looking forward to b31

The art team is doing a fantastic job! It looks like Cairn is getting prettier without losing any grimness. Also good news on the change log; the longer the better I say!

I’m glad too that B31 will not be the final release. Balance is tricky and as things stand now I have doubts that one last pass would suffice.

I was excited to see that B31 entered play testing last night. Looks like it re-entered today though… Hopefully that means at worse we have the patch this weekend!

Yeah its Stormheart… They could add more 1handed and 2handed weapons with physical or piercing damage… its missing some weapons for this type of damage

maybe it is not about the weapon but in fact some means to view the items you have, some kind of equipment galley…

Those tiled floors look sexy! Big kudos to whoever spend their time on them! Also looking forward to b31, although Dragon’s Dogma kinda swayed my interest for now, I’ll be sure to try it out.