Grim Misadventure #90: Arkovian Facelift

Probably Eric Sexton (aka Hyboreal) working his magic. :slight_smile:

Wow this new-old Arkovia looks incredible! Great work by your artists!

Now that is good news indeed!

Finally I can do some SoT runs without that feeling of drowning in grayness, dust and boredom (induced by grayness galore)? :stuck_out_tongue:

The new artwork is beautiful.

Yes ever since he joined Crate the world has been steadily gaining character and interesting details. :slight_smile:

??? AU != SoT. :confused:

now those are some ruins with personality. loving the statues & mosaics. :smiley:

Hopefully that Sword grants a self casted version of Chain Lightning and not just another proc version. To quote Craig…I Would be so Happy


Devotion system tweaked, skills tweaked, improved art and areas, new animations(?), VOs added, animated cinematic intro, this mystery announcement + a lot of other stuff…

This is amazing! GD is already incredible, but they are really putting it all together!

Can’t wait!

Well, GracefulDusk says it’s 10% chance on attack so…

Personally, I want a Chain Lightning skill that casts like Devouring Swarm.

Thanks for the high praise, but I can’t take the credit…I am not an artist. So lets give credit where credit is due.

Ben, Jim, and Scott have been kicking ass building these amazing assets. I count myself very lucky to get to work with such talented artists who make such cool stuff for me to build levels with.

Beautiful stuff, thanks for all the hard work - so excited for the changes to come!

I really like the lamp hanging from the chains in the new Undercity. Subtly makes the ceiling feel high and gives the dungeon an immense atmosphere (judging by one screenshot). This is something TQ did really well imo with its environments.

I’m impressed by the new artwork, it’s awesome. Can’t wait to see it in game!

Yeah I knew it wasn’t a solo thing; that’s why I said team at first. You’re all doing amazing work here!

OMG! OMG! this is awesome! amazing! thanxs! seriously, it looks like a different game. is incredible

Ah, thanks for the clarification. They did excellent work, as do all of the Crate employees.

The new environments look awesome. Can’t wait to explore them again.

But why the picture of Stormheart (the weapon)? Isn’t it already in the game? I’ve seen Zappa using two of them. :confused:


So it is…hmmmmmmm

It’s obviously the first frame of a broken gif, which continues with a long pole being attached.

Spears confirmed, the return of of my Haruspex is nigh.

Great stuff. As always can not wait until next update. I am kind of sad its almost done for good, but then I guess I can look forward to expansions.