Grim Misadventures #10: The Prizes We Seek

This week we have a special treat for you – ph4at 13wtz. Thanks to the generous support we have received from those who have backed Grim Dawn through our website and the Kickstarter campaign, we have been able to employ two full-time artists and this has allowed us to expand the amount of unique art we’ll have for environments, enemies and, of course, equipment.

Until recently, our artists have primarily been working on enemy models and environmental art as those assets need to be built first so that they can be passed off to animators and designers, who then perform their part in getting the enemies working in-game and/or using the assets to build the world itself (as seen in some of our earlier environment previews). The item art tends to happen last because all the rest of the work necessary for getting equipment into the game can be done with placeholder art. So, as you may have noticed over the past couple months, significant progress had been made on designing a large number of unique items, creating database records, and configuring stats to get the items hooked up to loot tables, ready to drop in the world.

It has been exciting recently to test the game and see uniquely named items dropping with alluring blue text and impressive array of bonuses. However, without unique art, a bit of that magic was missing. It is exhilarating to see this final piece of the puzzle falling into place at last as our artists sculpt the unique models and effects for epic items.

We have put special attention into crafting epic armor and weapons that reflect the history of Cairn. Many include descriptions of their origins or the sometimes infamous figures who wielded them. Below is smattering of items to give you a taste of what is to come; the shots were taken in the editor.

A legendary weapon among professional witch hunters, the Witchstalker employs dark magic to battle the foul abusers of magic.

This shield is a relic from a prior age, when the old gods were said to be more active in the world. It has been blessed by a Templar of Menhir as a bulwark against the elements and survived through countless battles.

This once holy scepter has been twisted into its current form after being anointed with the living blood of Ch’thon. It is now a tool of chaos and any who dare wield it should do so with caution.

Reaper’s Touch
An ancient implement of ritual sacrifice, forged by a long-dead people, this primitive weapon has lost none of its potency. The chill of death can still be felt emanating from the blade.

There are many crossbow designs, but none as efficient at unleashing a burst of bolts as the Boltspitter. Unfortunately, the inventor of this fine weapon was slain by a jealous competitor before it could be taken to mass production.

Nether Crown
The Nether Crown was once worn by the first and only Arcanist king of Cairn, King Samuel Drake, before he was stripped of his title and executed for heresy by the clergy.

I suppose now you want the stats? If you are eager to see them, call it out in the comments below. Let us know how pumped you are. Maybe I will “accidentally” post them over the next few weeks. :wink:

Interested in more? Check back on 12/02/12 for the next update (Happy Thanksgiving in the meantime, America).

I want that shield on my wall.

damn, that looks so good!

wrapped in a shroud of mystery

My gunslinger heart is pumping. That Witchstalker, the name alone makes me want to play this game right now, looks awesome and I cant wait to shoot evil witches with anti-witch bullets. :smiley:
Is the Boltspitter two-handed? Is it HUGE? cant wait to staple enemies to trees.

I like the Nether Crown. It looks like a nod to Lord of the Rings, the Nazgul-Kings, to me.

This right here is what I was missing about Diablo3 not being able to wait for that blue drop.

This stuff just keeps getting better. You guys are great and we can’t wait to play!

    • that scepter * and * that shield + *

These all look pretty awesome, keep up the good work!

Elementium, Anarchy, and the Nether Crown are all really cool!

Love to see that you guys are adding unique art for unique items. It is always disappointing getting an awesome item ina game like this, that looks like all the rest.

Can we see any shots of these items in the games UI?

Oh and items get better as you progress through the difficulties right? Is that handled like DII where the art for the base item is the same but the name changes?

Well I guess the artists have been working after all and wow… they have been doing pretty good, or should i say awesome!

Zantai you don’t need to ask if we wanna see the stats for all of these babys… of course we do. So please have a posting “accident”.

I like them all, and i find the story for each one interesting. I can’t wait to see how they will look in game, and how they will pump our characters. Artistically they look unique, but i like more the Elementium shield and the Nether crown. Just awesome guys… Oh and the Boltspitter looks really mean.

What kind of witchcraft are your artists doing? They all look superb. Kickstarter was totally worth it, and I’m glad you guys got the money to play with to make this into one amazing game.

Heck, I’d love to see those models (and more), on that background you’ve got them on, in game. I know it has been discussed before about having some sort of museum for loot that has been picked up, and that really would be a must now with those incredible looking items.

Can we pretty please get something put into the game to show off our spoils? :slight_smile: Feature for future expansion perhaps.

You guys make me happy with each new post. The models look amazing, can’t wait to see them in action.

I also love the “weapon lore” text, I hope it gets into item description! =)

Thank you!

Oh man, I salivating over these item models. They all look awesome and feels very sinister. Looks like the time between the previous update thread and this thread made a huge difference since it was almost a month apart. It was well worth it. :cool:

I do hope the next update includes a small video clip (2-3min) of the surroundings or at least one of the weapons from this thread can be demonstrated since the last video clip was taken back in the early-mid summer. Would be much obliged, if a bit of the surprise is shown in the next update.

Oh, these look awesome! Makes my fingers itch to play this!
Oh and of course we want the stats for these pretty new toys!
bounces up and down in excitement

They all look amazing, stats would be great please.

totally love the new pictures, The gun even though i like the look of it, im not sure you can do a lot with plan guns appart from some extra color on them but seen far too many of them.

The ice Death staff Oh WOW I love the impression it gives, if theres more stuff like that to collect and that stats are worthy of keeping at the level then its going to be a really good treat to have items like that thrown in.

Im glad on the Part of more artists have come in and are now working for the game as im sure if this game gets out and goes live and even gets pumped by steam im sure your going to have a rocker of a seller.

Sheild looks really well done, Im loving the details that you guys are throwing in to all your making and showing off items.

Im not one for items stats untill im in game as stats can change depening on level / boss you might defeat that has them.

Also side note I notice in some or most jrpg’s in general tend to have super weapons that are just at current level and theres nothing to gloat about special weapons when you pick them up. You might use them for a short period but they always get replaced Im hoping theres going to be some extra stuff you can throw in game to make those items special items last longer in game :).

More with the screenshots weather be enemy’ or weapons and stuff :slight_smile: on with the shots :).

I can’t guess on the stats, but that mace better come with some random proc thing that can be potentially devastating for your enemies or yourself!

“Whenever you strike with this weapon, there is a 5-15% chance of inflicting additional pain and misery on a random target, including yourself. Strike at your own risk.”

These look great!
Can’t wait to find a few of them ingame :smiley:

how can you have a posting accident? now that you have a wife, Im sure she will be your QA :smiley:

but please slip us the stats for those items, pretty please:D

and all I can say is WOW, those artists really are very talented, I bow before them to say my humble thanks, as the items do look spectacular

This is awesome, the lore is getting more interesting with each update. I am glad to wait!