Grim Misadventures #10: The Prizes We Seek

Good job!

Bring MOAR blood Next time! :slight_smile:

The art on the items is looking very sharp, keep those artists chained to their desks and churnen out this great work. Skip the stats info, when it drops in game will be soon enough for that.

That crown is nice.

Very nice art right there!

Now all I want to see is some two-handed weapons wink

I totally agree. Diablo 3 + Auctionhouse = no fun. :frowning:

How does one stop drooling?

Stats, stats, stats. When do we get the stats?
(You ask for it)

yes we want to know the stats of those gorgeous items, so please tell us

I’d certainly appreciate you to have this accident, but I am somehow sure the stats will be outstanding compared to non-unique items. :slight_smile: What I am more interested in is the level requirement and if we can expect the items to drop about then. Will that be still on Normal difficulty?

This game needs to be in my hands NOW! :smiley:

that death scepter looks sick.

Is that a Gatling Crossbow? :smiley:

Really good art, although the crown gives me an impression of “déja vu”.

Reaper’s Touch looks like it could be used as either a mace or an axe depending on which way you face it when you attack. Maybe it’s uniqueness allows it to benefit from skills which effect both axes and maces?

That’s looking pretty amazing… :smiley:
Loving the artwork!

Those model are very refined,spectacular!If this is the attitude we’re gonna have an astonishing arsenal ready to be dropped!Keep up the awsome job;)

Woohoo! Now those of us that were getting a tad impatient for the eye candy to start flowing can rest easy! :rolleyes:

Lets hope theres a part of the GUI that lets the player zoom in and fly around their character so we can get a good look at all the unique item art! Perhaps under one of the character info tabs?

Been SIX months since Kickstarter ended, the wait for alpha is getting painful. I do appreciate the fact that you really want to make a good first impression though. :stuck_out_tongue:

thats really great!

As usual looking good.

Best update so far…these really look fantastic.

not a gatling. that’d be multiple firing slots, which would be rediculously cool and probably a little appalling visually.

drum magazine.

which if it has some sort of autococking mechanism makes it just as good for infantry combat. particularly if it comes with a rapid reload system :smiley:

Give me the stats!!! >:D