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Grim Dawn Builds

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General info

Essentially it’s an automatically updated collection of build guides for Grim Dawn. Currently this tool pulls build guides from forums and youtube. The condition for a build guide to appear in the list is pretty simple - the source (be it the first post of a forum thread or the description of a youtube video) has to have a link to a build planner. Please note that presently non english build guides from youtube are excluded.
Every build has a link to the guide (on forum or on youtube) and a link to the build planner.

You can filter builds by any combinations of the following: game version, class , used skills, used epic/legendary items and build author. E.g. you can find Pyromancer Builds using Blackwater Cocktail skill or Warlord Builds using Callagadra’s Visage item or even Classless Builds.

Main features

  • By default (without any filter applied) the site displays the list of recently created builds for the latest game version.
  • Builds are in reverse chronological order, so the newest ones are at the top of the list.
  • Skills and items for builds are pulled directly from build planner, any info in source title/description is not used.
  • If a build guide has a video, a small youtube icon is shown at the bottom right corner; clicking on it will open youtube video in new tab.
  • An icon in front of build name denotes build source (youtube / forum).
  • You can click on various elements in build’s card to apply quick filter, e.g. if a build uses “Canister Bomb” skill, then clicking on this skill tag in build card will show all builds that have that skill.

Build Crawler Notes

  • If there are multiple build planner links in build guide, then crawler chooses build link according to the following: latest game version, then max level, and if all of the above is equals then the first mentioned in build guide.
  • If you posted youtube guide and it doesn’t show up in build list, please make sure that it’s properly tagged and there’s a mention that it’s a build guide in video title / description.
  • If build title has a word “hardcore” in any case or “HC” in uppercase, then it will be tagged as hardcore build
  • If build title has a word “beginner” or “budget” in any case, then it will be tagged as beginner build
  • If build title has a word “leveling” in any case, then it will be tagged as leveling build

This site is updated automatically every hour.
Pulling data from the forum every hour can’t put any strain on it, cause it’s nothing more that a regular user coming to the forum every hour, opening the list of latest posts and opening a couple of them.
The algorithm for puling data from youtube is still in testing and not disclosed currently.

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions and bug reports.


above and beyond dammitt :trophy:


Epic! It’s very cool to have your builds listed like that and also I sometimes make compilations of builds for new players so it’s going to be useful for me.

Shouldn’t this build be listed Flame Keeper of the Blaze - my results | 7-8s MQ | Crucible ready ?
It’s not here: Builds created by tqFan - Grim Dawn Builds

How do you differentiate between proper build threads and some discussion / “help me” threads?
I don’t see it mentioned in your instructions but perhaps I’m blind. It’s definitely not:

  • [version] tag
  • category
  • hyperlink format
  • some class mentioned in title
  • word “build” mentioned

For example what’s the difference between Obsidian Tremor Juggernaut Witchblade (recognized as a build)
and Morgoneth Winter King Shadow Strike Trickster feedback (not recognized as a build)

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This is incredible

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I’m using exclusion filter for topic titles, so topics containing certain words are excluded. Of course there might be false positives, and there are 2 ways to include them:

  1. you can supply links to topics that are not recognized as build guides and I add them to exceptions
  2. fix the title of such topics yourself and make a new comment in the thread so that it shows up in the “latest” list and crawler adds them to the list automatically.

It containes “my *” words, such topics are ignored and this filter is 99% correct all the time, because there are numerous thread like “fix my build”, “what do you think of my [class name]” or “need feedback on my build” etc.

The latter contains the word “feedback”, it can’t be a build guide but rather a topic for discussion.


It worked. I deleted “my” and edited my post which was last in the thread which bumped it to Latest and the crawler read it.


Any chance to translate UI into polish?

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I’d like to add translations for this, but I will have to make some internal adjustments for general localization support, because compared to other tools, this one has both server and client content that has to be localized. And the server part is not ready yet. Once I’m done adding backend support for localization, I’ll provide a file with texts to translate as usual and will update the tool when translations are ready.

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Very nice dammit, but please fix mobile phone support…

What’s wrong with it?

Any one know how to view the build in grim tools.on mobile phone . When I click the link then skill tree I can only see half the build if I click desktop mode ?

Just reload the page, this issue should be fixed.

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Not even one Requinix build on grimtools yet?
Yikes Kappa :rofl:

Thanks it’s working now

I’m not sure who he is. If there are builds by that person on the forum, then for some reason they were not added.

Btw, crawler parsed forum topics for the last 2 years only, the earlier stuff is not relevant anyway.

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I think that for future plans a voting system for builds leaderboards would’ve been a cool feature to think about. Maybe would open the eyes of certain people towards builds(honestly pretty much most included). Considering that almost everybody does use grimtools nowadays it would’ve been great to know what are the criteria of the masses for a best build in that way.

Don’t worry Dammitt, Requnix is a joke here on the forum and on the discord. None of his builds are here and won’t be since he’s banned.


Fantastic @Dammitt! Keep up the great work.


Cool, thank you!

please just point them to the beginner compendium on the forum Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions), it causes “us” a lot less headache on the discord helping struggling beginners because they were following his builds…

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