Obsidian Tremor Juggernaut Witchblade

I’m sharing my setup if someone would like to use the skill


  • took all Chaos RR I could, it’s 138% if added numerically for simplicity’s sake (obviously lower in-game)
  • 3p Voidsoul + 2p Rah’Zin for stats and conversion
  • gloves with the highest %casting speed and a cool Doom Bolt proc


  • maxed out Blindside for 225 DA debuff since we have so many skill points


  • suprisingly it’s quite easy to proc Guardian’s Gaze because we got 15% chance for every Tremor projecticle which results in

    • 100% - (100% - 15%)^3 ≈ 38% chance to proc per hit on a single enemy
    • 10s (eye’s lifetime) * 2hit/s * 0.38 Eyes/hit = 7.6 Eyes at peak assuming 200% casting speed (GT average shows 194%)
    • eye’s orbital period is 2s so it hits an enemy every 2s thus we have 3.8 hits/s on a single enemy
  • Abominable Might procced with DEE but can be switched to Blitz to have fewer skills to cast or to Doom Bolt for more DPS if you can afford the mana cost; or take Chariot instead of Eye of the Guardian and proc it with Tremor (again, thanks to Tremor being 3 projectiles, we have ≈50% chance to proc it per hit)

  • for more OA, DA and 80% stun swap Eye of the Guardian for Chariot of the Dead


  • cast Curse of Frailty, Solael’s Flame, DEE and War Cry (I have one button for them all that presses 1, 2, 3, 4 at 200ms intervals)
  • move with Blitz and Amatok or other movement skill of your choice
  • spam Tremor at point blank


  • played it in Crucible a bit to check the energy regen and it was fine but because I’m a noob that’s all the info I can give

Last but not least, you need the following illusion by @Willnoword to function properly

All feedback is appreciated


I will surprise you by saying I have played build like this :sweat_smile:

Actually next patch will bring medal that boosts hellfire mine and you can mix them together as Pyromancer. Imagine that chaos RR.

Witchblade also is good, no RR but Soldier is full of stats and build is looking nice.

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I took Soldier because it’s simpler for me and I don’t know Demolitionist well enough. My second choice would be Deceiver with Conduit of Runic Whispers.

Yes both Occultist and Inquisitor have conduits with - RR. Words of Pain is good skill and with full conversion or at least partial you can make it Tremor for single target and Pain as AoE. Witchblade also can run full RahZin for extra RR but you lose some stats and conversion.

Pyromancer can use Infernal set for chaos BwC, mines and Tremor. Ofc no stats here at all. DA is gonna be problem. Also option is SR set but meh.

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I’m a simple man. I see a build with SR set, I click Mute.
Btw I assembled this setup because I felt unease and guilt about my Winter King’s Might idea turning into a full-blown dual-wield SS build. I don’t really know when it happened. Shadow Strike is simply too addictive.

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