[GrimTools] Build Calculator

hehe, I couldn’t stand it and made myself what I expected from dammitt (almost that)

now I’ll see which build I can play next when I have things for it

some coloring -)

Nice periodic tables bruh :wink:

I’d like to report that Hydra’s Max Movement speed increase is not reflected in the Character Sheet.

Grimtools is down for approx 3h30m now, as two following pictures show -

anyone could tell, what happened or when to expect the service to be back and running?

Picked up from the discord.


I imagine this is something to do with the Last Epoch launch tomorrow/today…

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GrimTools are not working again. There is an anti-DDOS guard before reaching grimtools, but they are not reachable again.

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Expect it to be in and out for the next few days.



I wish we had an offline tool.

we literally do? :thinking:
right next to the GT link in the OP - and Dammitt even gave as an offline version for every feature, map, item db, monster db and such

i can’t connect grim tool , can’t verify, how to fix that pls help me

You just have to wait for it to verify you and then take you to the site. GT is not always stable atm due to heavy loads on Dammitt’s server for his LE tool. Be patient and it should take you there.

I hope the “DDoS” protection will be removed once the hype about Last Epoch subsides. I want to make an offline backup of my planned builds and I don’t want to “manually re-create” the builds piece by piece, component by component…

Pity is that GT app is unable to read the data in structured PHP form, like the “Make char” app does.

i can’t verify, can’t connect , damn it

use the offline tool
linked in the top of OP https://www.grimtools.com/downloads/?dir=calc

Still have to get verified to acces that Gnomish.

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huh, interesting, mine just goes through :thinking:
wonder if it’s browser and or geo location related then too?

Because of the DDoS protection, the communication of the offline app to the web and vice versa is not established. It just says “Unable to load build” / “Unable to get link to this build”, so the offline app is literally “isolated”.

Yesterday and day before, Damnit disabled the DDoS protection for some short time but he put it up again, because the traffic got higher. I blame the Last Epoch of that.