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Desktop version was updated to It can be downloaded here.

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I noticed a few oddities:
The Reduced target resistance change for Judicator’s Signets set looks strange. Looks ok for Judicator’s Seals though.

Festerblaze set bonus seems unchanged though the patch notes said damage was bumped on the proc:

Unholy Covenant set bonus registers a phantom change on the granted skill. Patch notes dont mention it:

Might be a bug in the game itself.

If it’s not changed in GT, it’s not changed in the game.

There’s a change to the skill for mythical version. In that case it will still show up in the regular version as well in diffs, that’s just an issue with diffs generation on my end.

ok i raise post for it in the Bug reporting section

I wrote about in thread too (here too but deleted after checking in-game because it’s wrong there as well).

Is there a way to filter the items that can only be obtained in the campaign, only in SR, and those that drop everywhere?

I mean, i know that there’s items tha doesn’t drops in SR and CR like vanquisher and probably the legendaries (and blues and some green MIs) of rogue dungeons. But i don’t know what are all the items that doesn’t drops there by far and would be interesting to know

Unfortunately no. I tried back in the day, but it was kinda tricky to determine what drops where, so this info was excluded from what you see in live version of GT.

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Those medals looks… weird :laughing:

dammitt it looks like some got mixed up in the last update
hyram and vinelton tags seem like they disappeared so looking up blueprints doesn’t show as sold by them

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll look into it.

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I was busy with other stuff, so didn’t manage to provide a fix quicker.
The issue is now fixed. Apparently there was an OS-specific bug with paths in db tool builder that happened after I migrated away from Windows. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Once again sorry for taking so long to fix it :frowning:


no worries, just glad we have GT in the first place :+1:
appreciate the work as always Dammitt :hugs:

I’ve been seeing some minor issue on both my laptop and PS4 that sometimes a message update patreon info appears and you then have to refresh to get to Grim Tools.

Mythical Open Hand of Mercy always had incorrect Damage Reduction scaling. It’s supposed to be 8% - 12% now.

The last change

was actually

according to Grim Dawn Version

I’ll look into it. Maybe diff is wrong, idk. Can you post a screenshot from in game showing reduced targets’ damage less that 11%?

Hm, this shouldn’t happen :confused:
I’ll investigate this in the next few days and get back to you.

Not a problem / consistent thing the way I use Grim Tools, just informing

GDStash, Patch Notes and the following screenshots from all imply 8% - 12% range

This should be fixed now.

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Can you join the “Achievements” column here?

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