[GrimTools] Monster Database

Hi Dammitt, Polish UI files are ready!

Take Care!

Very nice.
One nice thing would be to be able to search for monster by zone.

or maybe the location to farmi MI Items.

Another very useful database!
Here are the Japanese UI texts. Thanks.

Thanks, but some stuff is not translated. If I’ve included a certain string, it means it is either used or is needed for future version. All skills present in tags_skills are used in db. Also you should check your punctuation, there are missing commas here and there.

Thanks! Some strings in tags_skills are rather long. I don’t really mind, but I think the shorter they are, the easier they are to read. I’ll include the translation in the next build if all goes well.


In tags_skill one string is not translated:
Skill_tagMonsterGenerator=Dispense spawns
It should probably be smth like

Also one is not translated in tags_monsterdb:

I doubt this will ever be implemented. For this to happen I will have to almost fully parse map files. I was able to parse .sd files with section definitions, but parsing .lvl/.rlv is out of my league :confused:

Thank you for your proposal. Please go ahead with the project. :smiley:
I couldn’t imagine what kind of scene these are used.

You need to fix the lines in the calculator at:
Calc_tagBuffsPermanent=Постоянные усиления: {%s0}
Calc_tagBuffsTemporary=Временные усиления: {%s0}
Calc_tagBuffsProc=Усиления с шансом активации: {%s0}

Very nice thing! :smiley:

Attached the german translation …

Hey, cool tool, been using it quite a bit. Just a question though: How can I see the block chance? On tab 3 it says ‘0%’ for e.g. “Frost Revenant 18+” (lvl 20). Yet that fella carries a shield and does indeed likes to block :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’m not looking at the right place though.

Very well put together and very informative. I had, let’s say, a laugh at some of the Nemesis abilities, specially from Grava.

I find it really weird that Nemeses have passives that give them extra damage against Eldritch and Magical. Odd.

I took a look at Kuba’s moveset and only one skill seems to fit the description for his breath attack. And apparently deals 18% to 26% health reduction and it seems to be per tick. Explains why it deals so much damage.

Yeah, sorry, but you can’t see that. I’m showing monster skills and passives, but they may also equip stuff, e.g. revenants always carry some shield, that’s why they have a certain block chance. But it’s impossible to show this in the database without knowing what gear is equipped and the pool might be rather big in some cases.

I believe it’s for balancing purposes — player pets are either Eldritch or Magical.

There’s an enemy in the boss section called Krav’Vall, Ancient of the Waters. I don’t remember this enemy from anywhere in the game. Boss from the upcoming rogue dungeon?

Wow, great work Dammitt. Much appreciated and very cool! Thanks.

Yeah, probably, but since he’s on the map, I can’t exclude him from the database because I’m unable to determine whether you can reach a certain location on the map.

Great stuff. Your work on grimtools.com is invaluable for the GD community.

Updated to Translations still aren’t included, I’ll check whether there are any issues with them tomorrow and make them available.

Added German, Polish, Russian and Japanese translations.

Not sure why plural races aren’t in nominative case, so I had to hardcode singluar form use for Russian instead :confused:

P.S. There are couple new tags related to 2 new tabs that will be available at some point in future:

  1. Spawn locations — this is WIP as of now, I was able to parse map files and extract spawn locations from it, but there’s still quite a number of cases when monsters are spawned via scripts, and in some cases via transitions to hostile through dialog options, these are the most difficult ones to detect, so it may take some time before all locations can be determined.
  2. Notable loot — I’m not working on it atm, but some logic related to this is already implemented in item db as you can see who drops MI items there. When this implemented however, apart from MIs you’ll be able to see other notable loot (e.g. crafting components like Ancient Hearts, Ugdenblooms etc.) with the chance to drop for each monster.

The genitive case in the plural of races is associated with the conventions of the faction window.

I previously mentioned that it would be impossible for me to parse map files and extract location info, but I actually did it, plus updated quest file parser and implemented conversation file parser which are also needed to properly handle cases when monsters are spawned via conversation triggers (e.g. turn hostile). There are just couple minor issues left: current algorithm was unable to determine location for Bourbon clones due toslightly complicated script logic and in just a couple cases the location count for a given spawn point may be doubled.

I also updated internal parser so that now it correctly traverses all resources and searches for monster spawns — previously maps / quests / script were parsed as plain text in search for monster/proxy records. This resulted in couple monsters removed from DB due to being inaccessible, e.g. the ones from upcoming dungeon.


  • Added spawn locations for all monsters
  • Removed inaccessible monsters from DB

Any New tags to translate?