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Grim Dawn Monster Database
Grim Dawn Monster Database (Shattered Realm)

I bet anyone who plays GD always wondered about stats and skills of monsters that inhabit Cairn, but there was no way to view this data since there’s no bestiary in the game itself. Well, now you have such opportunity.

It might not look that fancy on the outside, but I think it gets its job done. Here’s the list of features available in the database:

  • You are able to view the list of all monsters that are present in vanilla game as well as all of its current epxansions (Crucible is not included atm).
  • The list of monsters can be filtered by monster name, race and type (hero, boss, etc.), you can also sort the list.
  • If a monster has specific conditions to spawn (e.g. only on ultimate difficulty or if player level is in a certain range), this info is appended to that monster name.
  • If a monster has several phases, the name of the phases is appended to that monster name.
  • Currently on the monster page you can see 2 panels: to the left you’ll see the familiar char sheet panel which was used to simplify the UI (well, you should be used to char sheet anyways) and to the right is the the panel where you can switch between the list of skills that monster has, the areas where it spawns and notable loot if it has any.
  • You can select monster level and difficulty (which determines penalties/adjustments to monster stats).
  • Just like in the calc, you can toggle monster buffs if needed.
  • Monster equipment is NOT accounted for, because equipment is not static (well, sometimes it is, but it’s an edge case), it depends on loot tables meaning that there might be hundreds of combinations.

Some info about monster skills panel:

  • All skills are grouped into several sections (On spawn, On death, Attacks, Buffs, Heals and Passives).
  • To the left you’ll see the description of skill logic, e.g. “Single target spell” or “Debuff that spreads to nearby targets from the original target”. The icons below indicate what damage type the skill deals, if it’s an offensive skill or passive that provides flat damage — this way you can easily determine damage type at a glance.
  • If the skill has special behavior defined, it is also listed on the left side, e.g. timeout before initial use, skill range, etc.
  • To the right you’ll see the skill stats. Most skills don’t have names, so more often than not you won’t see skill name and description there, only the stats.
  • Some skills have autocast skills attached to them, in that case autocast skill is shifted to the right a bit and there’s a line connecting it to the source skill.
  • The skill stats that you see are not scaled by percent bonuses, so basically the logic is the same as in the calc.

Some info about notable loot panel:

  • Monster loot depends on monster level, and the data you see there is tied to monster level that is currently selected.
  • If the monster loot tables have thresholds when its loot drastically changes (usually it’s new or higher tier items on higher levels), this will be indicated at the very top of the list.
  • The list of items is split by loot tables, % to the left is the chance to roll specific table, % to the right is the resulting item drop chance.
  • Certain monsters (currently these are only Loghorrean, Kra’vall and all Nemesis tier monsters) are tied to chests that unlock on monster death. And these chests also contain notable loot. However for now these aren’t shown in the database 'cause it’s not trivial to display corrent % chance for items, since they also depend on area level.

The list of things on my todo list:

  • Show spawn locations for all monsters.
  • Add an ability to view notable loot (MIs, unique crafting items, e.g. Ancient Heart or Ugdenbloom).
  • (?) Add non scalable player pets to the database.
  • (?) Add a way to view monsters from Crucible.
  • (?) Add an option to view scaled stats on skills.

This tool is built automatically from game resources.

I have a patreon account now, so you can support me there if you want: https://www.patreon.com/dammitt

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions and bug reports.

If you are interested in translating the tool, please refer to this thread.

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It’s beautiful :rolleyes: Thanks Dammitt creating this :smiley:

Amazing resource, thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you, incredibly useful

Great thanks for your hard work :slight_smile:

Finally a trilogy where the 3rd is equally as good as the last 2 :wink:


Wow, it’s super nice, thanks, Dammitt!
Btw, are resistances correct?? For example I thought Grava has 50% extra fire and lightning res…

Sweet !
Thanks so much Dammitt !

I’ve double checked and the resistances seem fine. In case of Grava, his innate passive bonuses skill level is set to 1 for some reason (but it was always like that) and fire/lightning res are at 1% there, so the numbers are correct.

awesome work! thank you very much

Ty sir. Nice one!

You made an incredible job here.
Wanted to add myself to the people to thank you.

Well, I’m not an experienced modemaker, maybe I understand something wrong.
May you explain me this:

It’s from \creatures\enemies

Well that does mean he has 50% fire resist unless I’m reading it the wrong way

And iirc Shar’Zul has way more fire resist and Mogdrogen should have the highest Lightning resist in the game

Minor update:

  • Fixed natural resistances not being included in the totals.
  • Fixed an issue with locale handling that prevented people from using db if they use non english language in other tools (db/calc).

Thanks, man :slight_smile:
Another issue - I think you applied difficulty modifier for 4 players, not for single.

Indeed. Thanks for the report! I’ve changed it to one player and it actually made quite a diffirence, monster stats are much lower in certain cases.

So cool! Great UI design :slight_smile: You’re getting better with each next tool :slight_smile:

Btw. What is the option ‘show initial skill chain as separate group’ for?

Not every monster have initial skill chain (the skills that monster uses on spawn). You can check how this info is displayed for Loxmere with and without this option.

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