GrimTools translation

Current translations:

  • Chinese (manual)
  • Czech
  • French (manual)
  • German (manual)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian (manual)
  • Spanish

Hey guys, I’ve decided to create a separate thread, cause current translation of grimtools UI is a bit of a mess sometimes, bacause it spans 3 (soon to be 4) different threads. So I wanted to be this a bit more centralized. In future if there are some changes in existing texts or some stuff needs to be translated, I’ll post in this thread only, so it might be a good idea to subscribe to this thread if you are a translator and don’t want to miss an update.

Here’s a link to the directory where you can find all current translations as well as base files:

default directory lists all EN files that need to be translated, other directories contain existing translations.
You might notice that some translation dirs have _e or _m affix — these are for those languages that have more than one translation. Just ignore them, I might get rid of them eventually since they contain the same files as the ones in original translation dir.

Here’s a general outline how grimtools translations work: each tool relies on one or more UI files, if there are translations for all of them for the given tool, then when that tool is built, the community translation plus UI translation is included and then people will see this translation available in the language picker in the bottom right corner of any tool page. Easy as that.

Breakdown of UI file dependencies by tool:

All tools now also require tags_gt_nav.txt, it’s not enforced now, but wil be in future.
To be honest there’s not much to translate (except for tags_skills), so it would be cool if all files are translated.

Now, if you want to provide a new translation or an update, there are 2 options:

  1. You can post the files (all or just the ones that were changed) directly in this thread, I’ll update them manually — it’s the old way.
  2. You can include the files in community translation bundle that you upload to crate via that uploader thingy and then notify in this thread that there’s a new update.

The second option is easier for me, cause translations will be fetched automatically, but I don’t mind if you decide to continue to provide the files manually. Please note that if you already provided a translation manually before and decide to switch to bundling it into community translation, please let me know, because manually posted translations take precedence so they will overwrite what’s in community translation.

P.S. If you have provided the translation manually before, please download it from the link I’ve posted above, there are minor issues here and there that I have to fix from time to time.

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Very good idea!

Here comes the German files …

Grim tools became more and more useful as the meticulous map became linked! :smiley:
Two types of Japanese translations use the same texts for the tools. So _e is unnecessary.

BTW, because text of the same name is in the translation file, we can not put tags_skills.txt in the zip to be uploaded to Crate. Could you change it to the name like tags_skillsdb.txt?

This time, I attached a new text file here. Thanks.

Guys, please download the latest files from the link I’ve provided, as I mentioned:

P.S. If you have provided the translation manually before, please download it from the link I’ve posted above, there are minor issues here and there that I have to fix from time to time.

I always have to manually fix german/japanese translation because you use outdated base files and some keys there are old ones. They were renamed like 8 months ago, but still appear in your translated files :expressionless:
I’m fixing it the last time. Also there’s no need to add suffix _DE, I have to manually delete it anyways.

Yeah, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll change all file names to tags_gt_* and reupload all files later today.

Working on spanish translation :slight_smile:

Ok, all files were renamed to tags_gt_*.
Also just an FYI, map translations will not be available immediately, because I still have to figure some things out. I’ll post an update here when translations will be actually added there.

Me too for the French translation :wink:

Good idea! :slight_smile:

Oops! my mistake, sorry. I translated it with the latest texts, so it will be fine in the future.

Is the text for the Grimtools necessary for both of the two Japanese versions?
Anyway, I added the texts to both Japanese translations and uploaded it to Crate now.

I am looking forward to being reflected properly. :slight_smile:

Yes, it should be included in both. The tool builder treats all translations as standalone and there’s no connection between the two japanese translations.
If all goes well, the translations will be available on the site by the end of the week, I still need to make certain adjustments.

I see. Thanks.

Grim tools files added to spanish localization and uploaded to Crate right now… :wink:

First of all thanks to everyone who provided the translations.

I’ve added one more string to tags_gt_map.txt. I forgot to include it previously, sorry about that, but it’s definitely the last update to the map for now:

Map_tagMarkerLoreNote=Lore Note

One more thing: I’ve decided to remove all translations, unless they include translated tags_gt_nav.txt. The reasoning behind this is to urge translators to check this thread, review current texts and update them if needed, because now many of them were translated like half a year ago and were never updated. Also I’m hoping that all files wil be translated, which is not the case for some languages.

So the deadline is Sunday, July 15th — I’ll update all tools with new translations, even the map (however there’s one technical issue that I still don’t know how to resolve).

Currently the list of valid translations is:

  • German (manual)
  • Japanese (fetched from Crate)
  • Spanish (fetched from Crate)

tags_gt_map.txt updated and uploaded to Crate (spanish translation) :slight_smile:

You are welcome!

Thanks for your work!

Here they new German files with the new string …

I uploaded the Japanese translation that updated tags_gt_map.txt to Crate. Thank you. :slight_smile:

@FOE, come on man, please read what I’ve posted here, it’s driving me nuts already :confused:
I’ve asked you in item db thread long time ago, then posted it here. I’m not gonna manually fix german translation files every time they are updated, nor am going to compare files one by one due to _de suffix instead of comparing translation folders.

Map translations are now live.

Thanks for your great works! :smiley:

There are some problems.

  1. For now, we can only select English in Firefox.
  2. In Japanese (English Nouns), only the shrines and the Riftgates are displayed in the entire Cairn. If it is only Japanese, it will be displayed normally. This is the same for Gerrman_e. (Google and MSEdge)

Thanks for the prompt report!

  1. It’s a caching issue, just refresh the page and it should appear. If it doesn’t - make hard refresh (ctrl+f5 or ctrl+shift+r)
  2. Yeah, sorry about that, last minute fixes resulted in this bug. Should be fixed now.