Group of villagers trapped in nothing

Hiii, Suddenly I get information about death from hunger, it wasn’t an infant, it was a group of people who got stuck in a node, a square, I can’t move them by selecting them, there’s everything, a day laborer, a miller, a child, lumberjacks, builders and they are dying little by little, approx 10

I had this happen because it was on the side of a hill. What i did was used the level land tool a couple times and they stopped getting stuck. I think i lost 8 people to that. Try just using the level land tool around where they are getting stuck, it might help you as something is blocking them.

wish i saw this earlier but i hope this helps!

Good luck. On a map I am using the peps keep going to the same area and now 20 of them have died, sucks…

Flatten the terrain until you get to where they are all dyeing. Any that are stuck there will then run off. From then on you won’t have issues with that location. I already reported this and they knew about it already.

Is there a work around for Villagers killing their self’s?

I had this problem in shallow water. Villagers can enter, but cannot get out. Because flattening tools are not available in shallow water, they can only wait to die

oh wow never saw it in water before! yeah the flatten tool wont help there at all oof!

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