Is there a work around for Villagers killing their self's?

This is quite a ways away from my base, they seem to go there to die.
If you can’t see it, there are 2 standing there on top of each other, they do move around there a little bit. And there are two already dead.

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Problem is when one dies, another goes to retrieve the body, get stuck, dies, another one goes to retrieve the body …

Only way I know of atm is to block off access to that area if you can.

hummm. kk
Thank you.

Crate are aware of the problem and will be looking to fix it in a future update.

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Blocking that area off did not seem to work for me.
But I found a work around.
I Flattened the ground along the water from the left were they access this area tell I got to them. Once I got it flat enough they all ran back to town.

Only one body left to carry to the grave yard now.

Yeah, that seems to be another fix which will work in some situations.

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