Halloween Themed Team... ghosts, and more ghosts, life sucking vampire, and a zombie trick or treat in SR90

Happy Halloween everyone!

I’ve been bugging a few of the guys I play with to do a Halloween themed build, and to be honest I think they all did a much better job with the theme than I did. A gaggle of ghosts, a handful of skeletons and other pets, a life sucking vampire, and an unarmed zombie just trying to get to those brains…

Halloween team going to do some trick or treat in SR90:

(Amazing job editing and creating the video, @WeaponZero )

First, Ghouls n Ghosts, an all the ghosts + a bunch of skeletons doing vile acid and demonic chaos damage. This build is glassy, but fun and in some situations can put out some DPS. All in all there are definitely more efficient ways to build a pet cabalist… but, this one does manage to have a bunch of ghosts and skeletons (fits the theme), and doing two damage types they grind through pretty well. Pet physical DPS is converted to chaos, vitality is converted to both acid and chaos, elemental is converted to acid. This necromancer uses all the pets available to it. I don’t see Eye of the Guardian used too often, here it is bound to the skeletons along with plenty of acid + chaos + flat rr (gear, skills, devos). The blight and skelly servant help take some heat off the wimpy toon, but… a little more D would do well on this toon. At any rate, here is my Halloween necro attempt. This toon is capable or killing Lokarr, SR75-76 itself, but it’s work.

Acid / Chaos pet cabalist

@WeaponZero 's Halloween Ghost Ritualist:
Skarando Hidereaper features 5 Reap Spirits at 26/16, focusing on Vitality and Aether damage. The main purpose of this build is not min-maxing a character for end game, but rather to prioritize in having the max wraiths for the Halloween challenge. With that said, this build is still more than capable to finish MSQ content, sweep through farming runs, and successfully solo clear SR95 in field tests. Skarando does have a relatively weak offensive output compared to her peers, and is especially prone to kiting when she gets overwhelmed by sheer numbers because her wraiths have a difficult time to control aggro, even in a 1v1 situation. Her main skills of Vitality Storm Totems, Wendigo Totem, Devouring Swarm, and Ill Omen are mostly for utility and crowd control, while Ulzuin’s Fall augment and Mark of Torment gives her second/third chances at life in difficult situations. As for devotions, Tree of Life, Ishtak, and Dryad help to maintain her life bar, while Imp and Ulo try to keep trash hordes at bay. Skarando also boasts overcapped resistances across the board, including 37% physical resist, and 29k in health… not bad for a summoner! Shout outs to @WyreZ and @Skelemental for their theorycraft ideas, advice, and inspiration!

Ghost wrangler ritualist:

@WyreZ 's unarmed brain eating (Oppressor) zombie:
Ghoul is a an unarmed build created as a meme experiment for halloween. It turned out to be weirdly powerful. With great lifesteal and mobility, and surprisingly good damage (unarmed crits of up to 210k damage), this build is actually rather decent all things considered. 😃 It’s low da of 2800 and low phys resist of 19% are countered by its high HP of 19k, mobility, lifesteal and sturdiness boosters like Mark of Torment and Ascension
Brain eating Oppressor zombie:

More unarmed “zombie” builds of WyreZ’s.
@WyreZ Ghost Spellbinder
Mykaila is a Vitality damage spellbinder, using a combination of devastation, reap spirit and oblivion to demolish enemies from a distance. She has decent HP, moderate defensive ability and low physical resistance, but her defenses are significantly bolstered by a combination of Ill Omen for reduction to enemy damage, Maiven’s Sphere of Protection for damage absorption, and Mirror of Ereoctes / Mark of Torment for panic buttons. 34% lifesteal also helps to keep her HP highly topped up from each cast of Oblivion or Reap Spirit.

@desioner 's Life sucking vitality draining vampire

We all had fun with the theme… hope you enjoyed the video. :slight_smile:


what would final abilities would look like on the Xbox game console controller would look like since the button layout is completely different from PC?

music in video reminds me of van helsing games

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Sorry, never played with anything but mouse and keyboard… don’t think I can help you. Maybe someone else can.

I like this kind of theme! I hope it turns out to be a good game

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the Spellbinder Guide (Spellbinder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator) is the first guide I’ve ever used because my solo playthrough felt weak and slow and a question arose regarding devotion:
I put the first point of devotion in the Crossroads for +5% health and 1 point in Order. Then I put 3 points into Lion because it is the only available constellation for me. Now I can’t put any points into any of the other Constellations as shown in grimtools. Is there something I’m missing?

You can remove points by using the Spirit Guide in several places. This means that you can assign a point in the Red Crossroads, take Viper, then remove that point later and use it somewhere else. Once Viper is complete, it rewards Red points so it pays for itself. If you look at different build threads, you will sometimes see where the author, or a commenter, goes through and tells when to add and remove points. Hope this helps!

willketch41: One of my friends plays on PC but with a controller without any problems. Of course, like all of us on mouse/kb, he also needs to remap his skills and abilities to match his personal playstyle. So you should be able to do the same on Xbox.

thomas_zlatko_weizen: Never played Van Helsing games before, but I enjoyed the movies :smiley: