Hands off my beloved Overguard, Zantai!

Title says it: Stop f***ing with my beloved Overguard, Zantai! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside: Pls don’t do it.
Or can you at least give us a preview of the changes you wanna make?

Is that so you can buy lots of facial tissue for all of the tears that will spring forth from your eyes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Grim Dawn Patch Notes preview:

  • Nerfed your favorite build. Yes, you. The person reading this. Your personal favorite build.

We waited until it was on cooldown and took it while your guard was under.

So the skill will change name to Underguard :rolleyes:

I actually can’t wait for the Overguard changes. Hope it won’t buff shields anymore, but who knows. I’d love to be it a general buff instead.

Overguard needs to be nerfed. OP needs to be reasonable.

Honestly all enemies need to do is start using low attacks, then Overguard won’t help at all. I wouldn’t change the skill to Underguard without giving the enemies an overhead for the same reason.

Sorry is this the Street Fighter forums, I think I’m lost

You mean basically make Overguard never worth taking?

You’ve never used it, have you? It adds such an enormous boost to shields it’s not even funny.

Please implement a guard meter that slowly increments over time and successful blocks do guard damage and if your guard meter goes to 0 you get guard crushed and are stunned for 3 seconds and it’s not mitigatable

lol, sounds like a fighting game mechanic

why not add a dodge roll too for maximum dark souls effect?

OP didn’t exactly “bring it” when it comes to argumentation so let me do some of it for him.

100% block recovery with close to 100% block chance is broken. It was always was broken (Willowy showed me his immortal builds way back 1.6). But before FG nobody ever complained about it because in order to achieve it you had to butcher your offense to the point of sometimes not being able to outdamage Iron Maiden’s Menhir’s Will. Now when Octavius does 500k IT ticks on Iron Maiden in main game and retal warlords kill her in a few seconds… This is where S&B should be looked at:

  • Remove the outrageous weapon damage on the shield exclusive nuke Aegis of Menhir. Now to use the strongest nuke in the game you actually have to equip a shield - the tool for tankiness. This is broken to the point of irony.

  • Drastically lower retal added everywhere (maybe except mods to oathkeeper skills from acid and lightning gear)

S&B deals too much damage so you plan to nerf the tankiness? Where’s the logic in that? Unless of course it is planned to do something about the trasmuter - something like doubling the penalty and moving the existing penalty to the base node. It will destroy non-toptier S&B, though.

well, Oathkeeper is the new shield mastery, and now soldier has outlived it’s usefulness, obviously. Here is the logic you asked for.

But it’s false.

It’s probably meant to be ironic but I’ll pretend I didn’t notice…:wink: As far as I tested only warlords are so ridiculously op. I haven’t tried paladins yet but I ran the acid sentinel for a while and it’s not that straightforward. It’s strong af but no health and less armor give you a pause, and no Shield Training and Overguard force you to turn to tricks like Absolution + Aeon to maintain shield efficiency. And that’s costly. Unless of course I’m doing it wrong.

So I would not be so reckless with nerfing everything oathkeeper or everything retal. Soldier still is THE shield mastery and retal is most op on phys warlords. So my personal final verdict on Overguard after a bit of pondering is this. Nerf it to the ground. Or don’t. As long as offensive power is returned to where is rightfully belongs I don’t care what happens to S&B.

I realized that this guy never applies irony. Whenever he says something, he means it.

Try halfway-ironic: New masteries are always OP, but Soldier receives favoritism throughout the design.

I mean, overguard soldiers were all fine and dandy until Oathkeeper/RTA gave them the ability to turn their defensive extras (Retal is often packaged with the defensive goodies in devotions and skills for example) into nuclear strikes.

So it’s funny to see the idea of soldier being nerfed to the ground rather than the mastery that broke things with it’s massive RTA.

I mean, do you hear retal warder or retal WB being overpowered around here since FG?

Funny how in AoM people would say overguard is useless and outdated due to seal/censure combo and now it’s gonna be nerfed.