Happy Fifth Birthday to Grim Dawn!

5 years ago today, a grim project saw its first dawn outside of early access.

Thank you all for being on this journey with us!


Best argp ever made


Is that it? :crazy_face: What about some current sales figures to cheer us up even more. Last heard sales including all the DLC’s was nearing 5 mil, but that was a while back. Bet they’re even better now.

Congratulations to the team for making an outstanding ARPG. You deserve GD’s success because you all worked hard to bring it about. So have a bit of a :partying_face: to celebrate.

Edit: Oh, and tell that lazy dev Medierra to get the Crate story finished. He can’t keep adding to it forever. :smile:

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Happy 5th bday! Keep up the great work. :birthday:

(And as medea said, where’s my Crate Story!)

Beautiful day for a game release.


Thanks for a wonderful adventure these years!

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I’m desperately looking for some clues on this image…

Oh wow, the bear in the background has made a city.

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Still to this day my favorite ARPG!
The progress and the new features the dev team have provided us and with this small team is simply amazing.
Thank you guys for my amazing times in the game all these years <3

Been here since EA in 2014… STILL playing!!

Thanks for making such a great ARPG!
(Also, thank for continuing to support the game at this point with hotfixes before “ringing the bell”)

And many more to come!

It will be finished when it’s ready. :wink:

Happy birthday!

Now, if we could celebrate this with loyalty pack 3 :dollar:


Happy Birthday, Grim Dawn! Thank you devs for making the best ARPG ever!

and to many more :clinking_glasses:

Blast from the past when Krieg was the last boss and levelcap was 25.
I know, quality is baaad.



All of these years of hard work definitely paid out.
I wish you guys the best in your future endeavors, stay safe!

I can’t believe GD is already turning five. That feels a bit unreal.

Happy birthday, GD and the best for you, the developers, who blessed us with this amazing game!

Back in 2017 on 9/26

Sadly I do not have any pictures from before 9/24 but I’ve played since 2016
I created my account for the forums on 3/3/17 I think

Yeah I have achievements from the day it was released (killed Gutworm day one somehow)

Can we get an F for Grim Dawn Trained Hard? (GDTH)

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I am a noob, first ever screenshot made in 30th january 2019

This is my second char, my first one was a cold or elemental prm warlock, I don’t remember exactly. It was crap :stuck_out_tongue:
This one wasn’t better, 2h Cadence and cd forcewave physical… warder :rofl: