Happy Fourth Birthday to Grim Dawn!

Four years ago, Grim Dawn left Early Access to become one of the highest rated ARPGs of all time. To this day, the game remains above 90% with two very successful expansions that have rounded out the experience!

We had no idea what an epic journey this would turn into, but it was well worth it! We’d like to thank you all for coming along with us!

Now…let’s blow out some candles!


Let’s start the party :partying_face:

We are still waiting for Mediera’s tri-beer :smile:


Bears? Hm …

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I see three Scorvs here! Thank you for that beautiful piece of art Zantai and thank you Crate for Grim Dawn, the game and its community has a high value for me <3

Party time! :partying_face: :man_dancing: :birthday: :confetti_ball:
Using emojis on mobile uhh…


Those two bear-like figures in the background look like they’re up to something…maybe discussing ideas for Grim Dawn 2…

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Happy Birthday Grim Dawn! :partying_face::birthday::beer:

Thank you for creating my favorite ARPG out right now!

and keep it going till 1.1.6.



Aetherial bears coming. pogchamp

Till literally tomorrow…

Wait what you expect from this patch, fire and brimstone? :smile:

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Well, the patch is going to strike some builds without a shadow of a doubt.

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You’re right, some items will have their final march to the Nerf village.

But I am moderately optimistic about the changes.


looking forward to the animated adventurers of the reanimator and his 4 happy gazers, also starring frost revenant and chthonian devourer puppy

Happy B-Day GD!

Oh oh, Happy Gri… -Oops- Birthday, Grim Dawn ! :partying_face:

The skull cake seems so tasty… and crunchy, I guess :skull:

Well, a day late here since it’s 6.32am on the 26th (good timing there Zan), but happy birthday Grim Dawn and congratulations to the team who made you one of the top ARPGs around. Here’s to more birthdays to come. :champagne: And I hope you all had a tri-beer or two to celebrate. :beer::beers:

PS: We need a tri-beer emoji.

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Congratulations! I think the bears in the background refers to the bears in the town game.

:smile: Sneaky devs. Hadn’t noticed they’d been playing around with those two figures in the background over the years.



And Gazermen increased each year too. :rofl: And Scorv’s face 3 times on the last screenshot.


Happy birthday GD! :tada:
Looks like we won’t run off things to build around in the future :wink:

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You are not alone, that’s for sure. I know that for some builders with concervative views the new patch is a beacon of light!

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