Hardcore all content?

Can anyone recommend a good build/class combo that can safely clear all content in Hardcore?

Safely? All? HC? Not to be glib but the answer to that would be none. There are various builds that can do a lot of the high end content but safely is never assured when you tackle celestials. high SR or Cruicble runs.

Ah I see thank you for the response. I’m mainly a chronic re-roller and I want a character that can do lokarr as everyone has died before getting there.

Check out Maya’s wisp cabalist. I recently leveled one up and then the new patch dropped right before i hit 94. We’re weren’t sure what would happen with the change to mindreaper so I’ve been testing it. You can see the results in the build page. It’s going pretty dang deep.

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Maya’s Flushy Squishy Pet conjurer is a pretty safe bet from what I’ve read. I wiped all my characters and it’s what I’ve started with now to get my celestial boss kills.


Specifically designed for HC to be able to ignore most ground effects and afk most bosses. You will have to kite around some Celestial beings like Callagadra, but this build can beat them all in HC. I’ve done it myself many times.

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Chiming in to drop the links to my builds mentioned above :stuck_out_tongue:

o) The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer
o) Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

And yes, they both should be fine for HC and for all content.
However, I must let you know that there is no build in existence where you can do everything safely without worrying about dying. So care is still needed and there is still the risk of death if you make too many mistakes.
But that mostly only applies to Superboses Crate of Entertainment & Callagadra and also Higher shards of Shattered Realms (like 80+).

But anyways, if you want even more builds, you may also check out this:

o) Ishtar - Pet Ritualist

^ That is a new addition to my build collection and is similar to my Will O Wisp, but might be a bit trickier to get used to due to Reap Spirits being the only pets. And that is especially true in Crate of Entertainment fight as it took my multiple tries(deaths) to get the hang of it there though it cleared all other content without any trouble.

And for a ranking of the 3 builds for HC, personally I would say; Fluffy Squishy > Will-O-Wisp > Ishtar.

(Also, if you plan on doing Crate of Entertainment, beware of the Maggots. They can one shot you. Take it slow and clear them out 1 by 1 or you may find your run cut short before even reaching the Superboss :expressionless:)

I’d say:

  1. Retal tanks
  2. Vitality superleechs
  3. Pets (could be no 1 but risk of dying is comparably high when pets fail to aggro and get into “pets chase monsters and monsters chase you” kinda situation)

Conjurer luckily have multi - layered defense option with damage absorb, high armor, high DA and max res, on top of a taunt.

Would not recommand cablists…

I’ve been playing pet conjurer and it’s going very well. Just hit 70 and still cruising.