Hardmode -> option without Seeds and Winter too easy

I know you are inspired by banished a little bit. And i pretty like to play the game as a rogue like. So for me it would be pretty cool, when you start with no seeds as an option for the plants on the fields and have to buy them for high prices on the market or maybe can find them very rarely in the nature.

Also it would be cool if you get a slider how hard the winter should be. Personaly for me its way to easy. You dont even need firewood. Some people get sick, maybe one dies, but all in all nothing really happens. So it would be nicer if most of the people would die in winter without firewood.

Maybe a slider for both of the ideas before the game starts would be good. One for a start with no seeds and one that tells how hard the winter will be to play. Something like - easy: some people get sick; normal: some people get sick, some die; hard: nearly all people die.

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this is exactly what i want too

There might be rebalancing on this once they’ve dealt with catastrophic bugs like crashes. Definitely closer to 1.0 as well.

Settlers are more likely to survive Winter if they have the Flax clothing (forget what it’s called). It doesn’t seem balanced since they practically don’t need firewood (2 of my villagers died in the middle of winter but 90% of my houses were out).

With the current farming system it’s too simple to take non-fertile land and make it fertile enough for any of the dependent crops.

What would be interesting is if the farm system accounted for the type of land you settle in, you can grow everything in Idyllic Valley and such but less on Alpine Valleys and even fewer on Arid Highlands. The traders could then sell seeds that are a regional variant on the original crops that can’t be grown, and you have to keep buying seeds to plant those crops.

Random maps would roll at minimum the limits on Alpine and can have a mix of any or all limitations from the Arid Highlands seeds.

Farming is already difficult in Arid Highlands. Just taking everything up to 100% takes a while and that is on the yellow patches. From 5% fertility to get it to 8% takes easily 50 years, just because even clover isn’t doing well on such low fertility.

If you play on max difficulty and on Arid Highland, it’s just scary.

It’s a better option to have more types of crops. More amusement buildings or a new system to make the game more interesting towards the end game.

sure, when you play an endless game it should be easier after a while, im not complaining about that, thats how endless games should work. i just want a harder start for me, so mistakes at the start could lead to the end of the game. and if someone doesnt like it, he can play on normal or easy. but people freezing to death and a “no seed at the start”-option would be kinda interesting for me

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i dont mean farming overall, thats very fun to play and very well made. i dont know if you played banished, but when you played on hardmode, you started with 0 seeds at the start. lets say you couldnt even plant anything. after that you had to buy the seeds of plants at the trader for big prices and then you could only use the plants you got the seeds from. So basically you can only use the hunter and collector at the start, that makes it more challenging.

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