Has anyone gotten an Alkamos' Touch of Anguish?

We’ve been running SoT at maximum speed the past 8 or 9 hours, from the moment the patch has released, and accross the board we’ve gotten a few Soulreavers and 9 Alkamos’ Touch of Dread, yet none of us (that I know of) have found a Touch of Anguish here.
So I went to extract the latest database and double check the loottables, but they seem to be fine.

I’m not saying something is off since ~14 Alkamos’ drops isn’t a sufficiently high enough number to draw conclusions, I’m simply curious whether anyone on here has gotten a Touch of Anguish yet.

Neither I, nor anyone I have talked to, has seen Anguish. We have all gotten multiple copies of Dread, but no anguish. Is the drop bugged, or is RNGesus just being cruel?

You seem to have a common interest - merged threads. :slight_smile:

No, only got multiple copies of the Dread ring (small sample size of 20 SoT runs)

I dont have anguish but I have 2 x torment(Lv 65) from Crucible

They are talking about the Touch of Dread/Agony - the legendary versions not the epics.

That ring is in fact not dropping if you try to acquire it at level 80+. Long explanation as to why, but it will need to be hotfixed.

Thanks for the confirmation! It wasn’t obvious from the dbrs I inspected, but I’m not too experienced with loottables so that is not a surprise. :slight_smile:

Just found this ring at lvl 79, within a few tries, so that explains alot :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you post its stats and the set bonus, if you have the other one as well?

Thats for clarifying - i was feeling jinxed after 25+ runs of Alkamos and getting zero of the new stuff.

Sigils of the Executioner

The set is actually pretty dissapointing. The level 65 epic version set bonus gives 4% OA while the legendary version gives +4 to Phantasmal Armor and Elemental Awakening. That’s actually a pretty bad set bonus.

Dreadfire proc skill is actually better than the one from the level 65 version and the 30% conversion from pierce to cold in the rings is actually pretty cool. Just kind of expected to be better in the every way to the level 65 version, like how Sharzul Worldeater is better than the epic version in every way.

Speaking of Sharzul Worldeater, i find it funny that the legendary version is for Commando while the epic version is for Elementalist.

Cool, thanks for posting it.
I think that set is pretty good, especially for Frostburn builds.
I’m definitely gonna try to farm it and use it in my current build.

set is complet bonkers for cold spellbreakers… esp shadow strike spammers lmao… its not even funny…

meanwhile got some plans about weapon

Farm on Elite for Anguish.

Got Anguish on my first run, the scythe on run 9, another Anguish on run 18, and Dread on run 21.
Small sample size, but drop rate might be around 20% for a purple, which is pretty good compared to Anasteria and Sentinel.
Of course the item you get is random.

Ran BoC a few times too, but didn’t get the weapon yet.

are u doing these on elite or ultimate?

I got both of the rings in 4 runs, yet to see the new weapon though.

So his weapon can still drop at level 80+? I don’t have many level 70(ish) characters right now to farm those rings. :frowning: