Haunt relic

I would like to see this relic to have % chaos damage and -15 % chaos RR on the skill so that it can be used for choas AAR or even melee chaos Warlock builds. Racial bonus and energy absorpiton could be dropped because of it so that it does not have too many stats. Elemental damage could be dropped as well. Vitality RR isn’t necessary on it either (but it should be the last thing to change). Warlock needs some more love.

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Any reason why? Or will you just make drama like with bleeding?

So your reply was an attempt to provoke me :smiley: That is OK but not the other way around.

Yes it is connected to it but as was stated in the other thread - chaos is not that good apart from Rahzin. Aether is miles better.

Is it necessary? Chaos already has an abundance of T3 relics in Eldritch Pact, Solael’s Decimation, Oblivion and Ignaffar’s Combustion, the latter of which also reduces Chaos RR. Necrosis is another generic relic that also reduces Chaos and Aether RR.

I understand that some of your recent feedback requests are aimed at improving Aether/Chaos dual-damage builds but just asking for these things is not helping. At a minimum, it would help if you provided some characters around these items, showcased why you think they are weak in certain areas and what changes you think could be made to improve them.

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If you’re going to point to a relic and say chaos needs help I suggest you point at a mythical one. Crate is not in the habit of promoting lower tier relics.

I don’t think of this relic as low tier at all. Low level perhaps. Low tier not at all. That life leech RR is awesome.

Crate however does and you’ll have a far easier time pitching a tune up on a different relic. Haunt has only seen nerfs for the simple audacity of being usable.

I play some now. When I finish them I will.

I just don’t see the need for vitality RR on the relic. Chaos would be better. If we were to not add anything than this could be changed.

Changing the Vitality RR would be a significant nerf to my Spellbinder and make the Acid/Vitality TSS or Devastation Conduits harder to build around. Both are already not in the best place with little gear support.

Then just add it and remove other stats. I already wrote what could be removed. Try getting decent RR with melee aether/chaos Warlock. I made it with similar RR for aether/chaos Templar EoR build but that was just because of the strength of the EoR skill. With Warlock you don’t have nothing that strong and having not enough RR hurts a lot.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPM60PN is the best I can do for Aether/Chaos RR on Warlock. Could squeeze more Aether/Chaos RR with Necrosis or Chaos RR with Symbol of Solael but I figure you’d want to go Agrivix’s Malice/double Seal of the Void instead.

Yes, pretty much that. Therefore Haunt with chaos RR would help.

If you’re dedicating a relic as well for RR, why not just go Necrosis then? It has attack speed and OA over Haunt, flat damage too if you go Chains of Ygraad (which also benefits Second Rite). Unless you really need that +1 to Arcanist which you can go Agrivix’s Malice for.

Just seems to me like you already have good options for relics for such a character :confused:.

Yes perphaps but I just like more options to be available.

With chaos damage and -RR the relic became contrary with it’s name. You want him turn to dark side and became Darth Haunt?

I understand you want chaos RR, it’s okay. Yes chaos builds are problematic but I think the problem solver won’t be items(especially relics). It should be from skills. GoE can be added -chaos resistance and so shieldbreakers also can play chaos+fire. And maybe Aura of Censure gets a -chaos RR too. But in the end to balancing things they probably reduce monsters chaos resistance or improve some devotions because it’s easier.

Inquisitor has chaos RR on the Word of Pain. No need to put in on the Aura of Censure. Well if Haunt has vitality RR then I don’t see how it having chaos RR is contrary with it’s name. Yes I would prefer it on skills as well. That is what my other topic is about. But I don’t see how it hurts having it on this relic as well.

Aether and chaos RR go hand in hand on conduits. I don’t see any reason why both couldn’t be here as well. I am on a mission to make aether + chaos combo good :smiley: I already made one topic about it few weeks back.

Just throwing out here but Vitality and Chaos thematically represent different things. Haunt having Aether and Vitality RR is synonymous with spirits or death in the same way as Spectral Wrath or Reap Spirit.

I view chaos in the same way. Just some bad magic stuff all three of them. Not good like the elemental magic. Light vs. dark side of magic.

This is a lower tier level and it’s already adequately strong. I don’t think it needs any changes.

Oh, by the way, it’s a dps loss versus Agrivix Malice on endgame Aether builds.

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DPS is not everything. It could drop some thing in order to get this.