Have you ever wondered what grim dawn monsters look like? Well wonder no more

I love bestiaries. I think they are cool. Little bios of the monsters you fight in game.

I’ve had this idea for years, like since around ashes was released. I imaged this guy whos father was a respected member of the Gildam Arcanum. The boy wasn’t as skilled as his farther, only ever managing to cast Panetti’s replicating missile and only a weak version at that. The boy was still very smart, he aced every exam on the history of the arcane. Memorized all the important figures and there achievements. Even spent hours debating and conversing theories and ethics. “If the gods aren’t real then how are all these occultist and shamans casting non aether based magic?” That would always get the old prunes blood boiling. He was fine with his lack of ability. He cared more about the learning then casting spells. With the help of his father and the vast understanding of the arcane he became a member of the Gildam Arcanum.

Wondering how he could make his mark in a world were all the great arcanist were powerful spell casters, he set his sights on his strength. Academia. After reading an old legend about the beast Beronath and how all rift spawns decide from its blood he had a thought. But that can’t be. Rift spawns very to much in there design, from insectoid rift spawns to raptors, the traditional rift hound to the briarthorns which are just living bushes in his eyes. How can a brairthorn be a decedent of this ancient beast if shaman summon them and they get there power from gods he knows nothing about. Is there a connection? Some believe there is power in blood. Some legends say humans were born from the blood of a god. Maybe Benronth’s blood mutated the land and creatures around it. What if its all connected blood, gods, magic, the arcane. what if he could fined an underlining theory to explain it all. It would be such a major discovery he would be just as iconic as Iskandra, Trozan, Maiven, Olexra, and even Pannetti who is credited for taking a preexisting spell and expanding upon it. “Why can’t I do the same?” He thinks. But he’ll need proof and lots of it. It could takes years maybe decades to get the proof he needs but that’s the price of immortality. So he packed up and set out for Burrwitch to study the brairthorns and other rift spawns.

After a year or so of arriving the grim dawn happened, putting a pause to his research. Now he spends his time traveling with random adventurers. Documenting the creature they encounter. Noting there strengths and weaknesses hoping that one day he can finish his research. But who knows maybe the evidence he needs is closer then he thinks.

I’ve tried multiple ways to get this idea to work but they all seem to fall flat. I’m still not 100% happy with this approach but its the best I can do at the moment.

I use multiple techniques to achieve this. Some traditional and more excepted were as others new and more controversial.

Lets start with the more controversial one first.

I open up the world editor and place the monster I want to use into the world and record it with OBS studios. I Use the world editor instead of the model viewer because some creature like Barrog is just the basic model reskinned. I open that footage in my video editor, find the frame i want and save that one image as a PNG file. I open the PNG file in paint net and crop the picture.

I then use an AI stable diffusion program to generate a video. Only the first 1 or 2 frames are good everything after that is way off base. I know some people don’t like this but i can’t draw and I don’t have the money to pay someone to draw an image I’d be happy with.

I also used an AI generated image of paper for the back drop. Thats it after this no more AI.

I used blender to make all the writing. Using a font called a time for murder that I found on the internet. This part took the longest because I had to experiment with how I wanted to structure all the writing on the paper. I have 33 different render files just so i could have the freedom to place everything were it needs to be and scale it down and rotate it. I’m still not fully happy with it but finished is better then perfect in this case.

I used blender grease pencil to make the dots. I free handed them to give them a more realistic look.

Now here is my favorite part and I’ve been playing around with this a lot trying to make something cool with it. If you go into the model viewer you can change the background to a dark blue or green and you now have a green screen and can chrome key it out which is how i made the tree background on the parchment.

I’ve been playing around with this to try and make some cool stuff. It does have some limitation but I’ll see if i can’t find ways around that.

So that’s a lot hope you like it. Once I start learning how to use Photoshop hopefully I can make it better. I’ve already started working on Kyzogg. There is a lot of monsters in this game and i want to try and make them look unique. Any tips on how to make the writing look better would be appreciated. It just seems off to me. thanks enjoy.


I will be following this thread! Writing looks great to me. Keep it up. :+1:t3:

Its glamdring the foe hammer. The writing looks hard to read its all cloped together its kind of an eye sore in my opinion. Thats were i was getting at

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Looks good. You’re always going to have some people say that the particular handwriting font you use is too hard to read, but you can’t really help that.

Im one of those people. You are you’re own worste enemy sometimes. I love the font its just all cramed together. I’ll just have to play around with the image size to give me more room for the writing. I don’t want the picture to small i really want to show off the creatures. ARPGs you never really get a good look at what your fight.

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I know reanimators have 2 heads but I really like how this one turned out I just decided to go with it. Also I want to make each varient uniquie but similar if that makes since so I’ll experiment with multiple face on other versions.


I’d be really interested to see a Cthonic Harbinger. Any plans for your next monster?

I plan on doing every monster in the game. It will take a while but I will get to the harbingers. Im focusing on the aetherial courption monsters from the base game right now. Helps me keep things more organized. There’s alot of cool monsters in the game and I want to give them all there time in the sun.

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Everytime i post one of these I’ve allready started on the next one


This one was tricky. I had use two different images and crop them together. It seems like with the creatures that are just body parts molded together I’m going to have to use photo shop which is something I’m not that good with so this will be good practice.


Looking good but I’m having a hard time reading the text. Is it just me or can anyone else confirm this. Perhaps a more legible type of font might be in order. Anyhow, great work as always!


I don’t know what to do about the writing. I really like the font but I agree it can be hard to read sometimes. I want it to look like someone wrote it down and I fill like this person would use a handwriting style like this. But I do agree its all clumped together bit of a eye sore.


can confirm. the work is great, but the text is a bit messy. it pulls your focus in all sorts of directions and you can’t really make out much at first glance.


Some amazing work here! Waiting for a bestiary page for obsidian defilers :smiley:


Now tell me you wouldn’t shit yourself if you say this thing runing at you.

This is another one that required some photo edting. It seems that will be a common thing with alot of the aetherial corruptions. Which makes since. They are pretty much frankenstein monsters.

My next one I’ll be playing around with the format to try and fit the writing better on the page without sacrificing the picture to much.


wth did you do to its skin @ _@
it looks all gooey and “liquid” :hushed:

Ill agree some parts do look gooie but flesh hulks do look like they are filling up with some kind of liquid making them look like they have giant boils. So I don’t think thats totally inaccurate. But I guess thats open for debate. I didn’t want it to look like the hulk was my main goal.

Aetherial courptions do look very wierd and not human like if you can get a good look at them.

Now at the top of the post I am very clear that I use AI to make the pictures. I do photo shop the pictures which is something I’m new at doing. AI does have some limits. Its hard to get something to look just right. With some practice I’ll get better at photo shopping the textures better.

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wasn’t intended as a complaint, incase it came off as such :flushed: - looks cool af

Tone is hard to read in text form. But me not being totally satisfied with some of the art I guess makes me quick to read everything as a critique.

These are awesome, keep going! :heart_eyes: