Haven't seen a single DW Pistol build for some time... have they been nerfed?

Or people are just not interested?

Think these two are the most recent ones

why don’t you post some yourself?

Interesting… I missed the Warlord one
Thanks, but I’m not a good theorycrafter :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not that hard, its not rocket science

They tend to not get posted as much becomes times are often behind the meta (5ish compared to sub 4:30 for many builds now) or can be glassy, along with just not many builders looking at them because of those issues. I have a physical sandspitter paladin to post still after I do a full leveling experience as well, and playing around with some fire strike options since those are generally more popular. Didn’t bother posting recent havoc tactician because it’s slow and struggles to even complete crucible, while it can deal with SR75-76 well enough.


Same comment here as @eardianm, I’ve thrown together half dozen different pistol builds since I posted Sandi (and I’ve reworked that build quite a bit too), all of which are fun in their own way but aren’t world beaters and are similar enough to existing older postings that I don’t see a big reason to throw them up to the forum. Not to mention Eard’s builds tend to all end up stronger than mine still, so if he isn’t posting his up, I’d be embarrassed to post mine. My current favorite toy is an old school Darkblaze Pyro build, still tuning it some, I threw a link under Nery’s Darkblaze thread here. [] Fire&Brimstone, the og glass cannon Darkblaze Pyromancer!

Itemization man… too many epics, legendaries, green affixes… can’t work around that, not enough knowledge

Joined 2015 :slight_smile: I think you are overestimating how much you actually need to know in order to make a good build. You have probably played more than me

I understand the feeling well, it took a long time for me to break out of just following leveling guides and wondering why certain builds would fall apart or not work against certain bosses, etc. What got me over the hump first was just learning to play in grimtools for mapping or planning changes to your existing builds. Upload your player file and mess around before you burn up the crystals and iron in game doing the respec work. Other place I spend a lot of time is inside GDStash. I find it easier to search for things via the crafting tab in there than looking for items in grimtools, plus you can quickly pivot to searching your own stash to see if you have something you identified while searching the full crafting list. Or even if you want to play 100% self found for a character, at least you can find items that line up to what you want to do and potentially where to get them.

As for green affixes, yeah, that’s always a gambling crap shoot, I rarely get a fantasy perfect combo, so I tend to not get lost trying to make a build that requires those. If you happen to find a really awesome green drop that ends up being a great fit and boosts your power, just give thanks to the loot gods and keep on going!