[] [DW Ranged] No-Set Phys/IT Oppressor [SR70-71]

Meet Sandi! My first attempt at a build, and a gunner no less! I was bored with this toon after leveling as a cookie cutter vitality ravenous earth caster so wanted to try molding her into something different. Thanks a ton to @eardianm for all the advice while I keep learning!

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aaOGx2

(only perm buffs active here)

(SR71 completion, no death 70-71)

I’m pretty new with running SR, this is as high as I’ve taken any of my toons so far. She probably has some headroom left to push higher. Just starting to do Crucible runs, so nothing to report for that yet.

Build Notes
Goal here is to funnel as much of our flat damage as possible through Phys conversion to help blast our opponents to pieces. And to add more fun, fire away with 100% RF passthru thanks to the Sandspitter pistols.

Key conversions w/ current gear:
100% Elemental -> Phys via Viper Sandspitter pistols x2
100% Vitality -> Phys via Myth. Gladiator Distinction belt
78% Aether -> Phys via Seal of Might x2 + Fleshwarped Pauldrons

Reflected Damage reduction is a MUST here, hence the titan plating component x2 to beef this up. I felt like a stick of butter in a 10000 watt microwave quite a few times after having my internal trauma dmg reflected back and running out of enemies to shoot to self heal through it. The titan plating fixed that problem.

Since this is a no-set build, there is flexibility to tweak/tune skills and gear to your particular liking while picking/choosing from your best available pieces. I got a bit obsessive over hitting 100% WPS pool to get rid of any remaining derpy bullets, so I may have compromised on some gear selections just for my personal preference.


You could also get Rebuke to soft cap :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion! Keeping that in back pocket for now. I’m at 100% reduction currently, so I don’t need more points in rebuke for reduction purposes right now. If I changed my devo map to bring owl in for another 15% reduction, I could pump up rebuke, replace one titan plating with something else (probably living armor) and still be in the mid 90s% reflect reduction. I’d be giving up 3% phys resist from sailor’s guide to do that and when its done I’m not sure I’ve gained enough to justify the lost phys resist.

HI, i would like to try this build, but have 1 noob question. How u can use dual wield guns as Opressor class?

The medal I’m wearing, Mythical Korvaak’s Brand grants both melee and range dual wield capability.

Also, @Gnomish_Inquisition recently posted a similar concept build with a bit less green heavy eq list, more emphasis on the smite wps, and a different devo map. Might want to take a look at that one, too!

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@Beergat i should point out the WiP template posted there pretty much relies on specific BS/borderline unobtainable shoulder affixes to fix resist
i do have a more “legit” template in progress that makes shoulder affixes way more lenient, but still not 100% free/“random”
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B83LzZ - basically this setup loses a little bit of flat, but makes resists potentially easier to sort, as it allows for multiple potential affixes to sort remaining resists, many of which can come natural on the shoulders as +phys dmg affixes
there is also an option for different legs/boots, tho iirc that option still made shoulder affixes a littler narrower than the one above
-and attack speed can be “fixed”/improved with a better suffix, like alacrity, on gun

and cheers @Mathellin for re-linking “my” variant :blush: :+1:

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