Phys Presser the Reaping Smiter - build feedback/improvement

Having caught the Smite fever from Eard i ventured forth with my 2 favourite things in mind, armor bypass phys dmg and passthrough

The result is as you see above, a 100%ele & vitality with 80%avg Aether conversion Oppressor; managing to stack an unholy amount of flat armor bypass dmg on top of a stacked Smite with an additional 86%WD modifier, and tiny RATA for giggles

Feels fun to play, hit 800k dmg in SR80 and 1.1mill in Cruci, however, i don’t feel completely “satisfied” with it
My 2 biggest gripes being the BS shoulder affixes needed to cover resists (along with LoE), and a mere 185% avg attack speed,
-and feeling greedy i’m not super happy with the mandatory devo path to cover resists, tho “complaining” about taking Solemn Watcher and Sailor’s Guide is kinda silly i know :sweat_smile:
(but i had a “temp draft” with more OA/no LoE and still managed resists “somehow” @_@)

any input to better cover resists, pref without ditching Magi, and a smidgen more attack speed, would be greatly appreciated.
And if somehow more racial and converted flat found its way it wouldn’t be scoffed at either :yum:

also i’m kinda curious what something like this could do in better builder’s hands, and performance wise - since i do Cruci and SR like a filthy casual :laughing:

cheers for input :+1:

minor Update
more legit version, in the sense it allows more freedom and “actually obtainable” affixes on shoulders
-loses a little flat compared to the other setup
also possible to use Myth Runeplates of Ignaffar + Boneshatter boots instead, tho still makes the resist/affix requirement on shoulders a little narrower
attack speed can be improved with better suffix ex Alacrity on gun, should be points enough to replace +2 RF

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I would avoid binding Fissure to Smite. The way WPS stack with devotion procs, you’ll only see fissure 15% of 30% of the time. That means only a 4.5% chance of seeing a fissure with each shot. Take a point in Volcanic Stride and bind Fissure to Vire’s Might; you’ll see way more fissures this way


i tried that, but it was way too clumsy and took too much time away from pewpewing

Dire Bear’s Maul is never worth it for the armor reduction? It seems there is quite a bit of small unconverted physical adding in.

Idk, but I’m curious to why I never see it in action. Numbers-wise, something like Iron Maiden with 3K? armor would see that drop to 2100, etc. So @2000% phys, that means anything over ~100 physical chunk will hurt in this extreme example- which those pistols have a chance of doing. (unconverted physical, I mean). With most mobs other than Maiden and Cally, you’d see armor 2K or less->1400.

Just not worth the devotion deviation? I do see that most is converted in various skills, though.

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This was posted just a few days ago [] [DW Ranged] No-Set Phys/IT Oppressor [SR70-71]

I use it on two of my builds, pure cadence warlord (no converted physical damage there) and physical pet conjurer :stuck_out_tongue: its about 10-15% dps increase against the big / well armored guys

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the problem is dire bear is expensive af to get, not just on this devo map, but a lot of phys builds overall (at least mine), and when the majority of dmg is converted/armor bypass it seems even less worth it
tho tbh i haven’t tested the difference on this setup, mainly because the devo route doesn’t allow for it, and magi+attack speed can’t go away, and as i mentioned in my OP, main problem is mandatory resists devo path too :confused:

also worth to note that Maiden got absolutely eaten up by the setup as is/without human racial on current affixes/sailor’s guide/relic both in cruci and sr80

ye i saw that browsing manually after i posted this, since searching for smite phys oppressor didn’t yield anything
but it was even more green than mine :sweat_smile:
and for me the main focus was/had to be smite, hence mandatory head+neck (no idea if RR helm is actually better than smite modifier), and i didn’t want more greens in just to sort resists, feeling BS shoulders was bad enough as is :unamused:

but was interesting to see how we chose a lot of the same key items like the blue ring and same focus on conversion :smile: - but does seem to have the same aether/chaos resist issue i wanted to get away from

I like your emphasis on smite, its an awesome wps. I agree on the headache of trying work in dire bear, I originally had it in my map but it was limiting my ability to fill other needs, so eventually dumped it. I had looked hard at Magi since we’ve got the full ele conversion going, how’s it feel/play with that worked in?

As for my extra greens, pants and kaisen amulet were in my extended shared stash already, so was just lucky there. I had doombringer and matriarch rings in my setup originally also, but those became some of my “compromises” in order to pull in more skill points to cap my wps pool and still have points to cover other spots.

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it feels really really good, (like on most of my full ele conversion setups),
at first like i mentioned to Snazzer i had it attached to Vire, thinking maximum uptime “guaranteed” would be key, but as i said, it just became too clumsy for a ranged toon
it has fairly decent uptime on Smite (i think because of ranged dw wps abuse :thinking:), and seems more, not sure if to call it “reliable”, or maybe desirable, proccing compared to on EmpyBros - tho i did only do 2 short runs each
and ofc it just absolutely pummels things when it procs - way more than i expected since i only managed 2300dmg(incl cunning)

not sure what the difference is “this time”, since i’ve gone that Magi route deliberately before, and it’s always felt “nice” if the devo points allowed to take it, but this time it feels much better/stronger despite other builds having more phys dmg
it actually made me curious if it’s “bugged”/scaling off something it shouldn’t :thinking:
-either way it feels really good and why i really don’t want to ditch it even for more devo flat/speed/%dmg (i had a template where i grabbed a ton of flat nodes like in Rhowan, Gallows etc etc but resists made current map mandatory)

also PS, how do you feel about sacrificing armor/resists for Reflect Reduct (2xtitan plate) - to me it felt almost regardless of reflect amount “If it’s bad enough to kill you - it kills you”, so i just settled for res overcap/armor absorb and Solemn watcher (owl seemed even more way off devo route-wise)

I don’t like vire fire skating either, so I understand not wanting to bind magi there. On a different toon I was playing with skills to activate shifting sands since my default attack wasn’t available. I bound it to ill omen which seemed to do a pretty good job of proc’ing, especially when omen spreads through a big mob pack. Wonder if it would work ok for magi here? Omen not in your build currently, but simple enough to try.

I don’t enjoy losing two comp slots for titan plating, but it puts me at 100% reduction cap, so I can play somewhat dumb now and not stare at the screen trying to pick out reflectors to be nervous about. I was really tired of ending a fight and then realizing I’m going to die to that hour long trauma dot left sitting on me.

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