Having trouble with Loghorrean on Elite

Just like the other thread. This is my build:
Dps is about 11,000.
The boss does Chaos damage so I got the res to 83%, I can get him down to 40% and then get killed.
Any advice?

You have a forcewave weapon then use forcewave as attack.

Get menhir will and some more lifesteal and casting speed.

Important to get high OA also, War cry + break morale for dmg reduction and resistance reduction. Also devotions look wierd, no assassin mark for instance. Also not having an exclusive skill at level 76 is … like … why?

You can check out my two forcewave guides here ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds I think you will learn a lot by reading them.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look.

It’s not a forcewave weapon, there’s no forcewave attack??

What’s an exclusive skill?

Your guides don’t work, I can 't click on them.

Forcewave means its a 2H hander with casting speed.

Guides works fine for me

warlord https://drive.google.com/open?id=194NGO6Fefhmq3xFDIySEk7VSjAv5xS4j
death knight https://drive.google.com/open?id=12KO6S344oTp2K6RLBS7j-SSi9QWZqC-p

Look, I’m new to this game, it’s better if you don’t use slang.

I did not use any slang, it is a weapon that is best suited for Forcewave. You can see that since it has casting speed and not attack speed.

Use this for slang btw GD Acronym and Abbreviation List (btw = by the way)

Why don’t you try to be insulting.

What? I showed you a good resource that explains the slang. Calm down, its internet bro.

Now why can’t you click on the guides, does it say “file not found” or?

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It doesn’t do anything. Can’t cliick on it or anything.

They work for me. Are you on your mobile? Would that affect it?

work fine on my mobile.

is it the “spoiler” buttons you can’t click on or the html link?

No, I’m on my PC.

what browser are you using? is it just those links or any links that doesn’t work?

There’s no link, nothing, that’s what I told you.

I’m using Opera

no you said you could not click them not that there wasn’t anything there

You’re just winding me up, right?

No, he’s not. He’s trying to help you. Do you see any of the links? If not, try a different browser and see if that makes them visible.

I am trying to pin down what is not working for you