HC Build Suggestion?

So I have a lot of free time due to working from home and thought I’d clean up the remaining Steam achievements from GD. I already have 2.2k hours on the game, time to finish it up.

I think almost all of the remaining achievements are Hardcore and Crucible (bleh) achievements.

I tried this once before over the summer and got 1 shot in Elite doing the FG content using a FW Warlord. Still not entirely sure how I died since I was facerolling one moment then dead the next.

Anyways, would the AAR Spellbinder still be a good, safe choice for hardcore achievement hunting? It’s been nerfed so much I’m hesitant to invest the time. I prefer Casters over melee and am interested in skills I’ve never used, like Grenado, Canister bomb and mortar, but not sure i should play HC with things I’m not familiar with.

The goal is to only have to make one HC character since each lost character puts me off the game for months (why I play SC 99% of the time).

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Vitality caster conjurer (unless you wanna play pets or retaliation)

I’ve played Mad Lee’s conjurer before but it was reliant on the Dark One Set. Is that the only reliable way to play them outside of impossible greens?

No but since Dark One set is very easy to get, it is a good starter char, in particular for HC


I remember farming it with another established character and the area it is in can be pretty dangerous with those annoying gargoyles/turrets that can’t die.

Just in case what would be the number 2 pick?

Pet build. The area that you farm the dark one set can be made slightly easier by popping 2 coven rings that gives you freeze resistances. Alternatively you can go Vitality Ritualist , there is a solid beginner guide here

Or just pop two frozen hearts + solael pants :stuck_out_tongue: (with sailor guide devotion) or just drink hoarfrost potion

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For Hc , I prefer Burning Sorceror ( Bwc + Canister bomb )

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