HCE Ironman on Torchlight 2 - Looking for people !

We are a 4 guys who are attempting an Ironman on Torchlight 2, similar to what is described here:

We follow these rules

  • We play in Hardcore mode
  • We can’t use any item we didn’t find ourselves, or get by a quest. This includes : no buying from NPCs, and no buying via pet as well.
  • We can’t repeat an area or boss
  • We can’t go back to town unless you have to (to complete progress-stopping quests)
  • We allow to come back to the game after a death if it’s early enough (so before entering Temple Steppes basically). After that, if one dies, the others have to keep going (we’ll restart if there’s only one of us left).

I guess the only exception we can have is for the enchanters you find in dungeons.
Of course, the difficulty is Elite.

This is our party :

  • Autentist (ekuznetsov) as Engineer
  • potterman28wxcv as Embermage
  • rivolf as Berzerker
  • yourfavcolour (norf norf) as Outlander


[li]Grell to end of Act 1[/li][*]More coming soon![/ul]

You’re all dead before level 20.

Are you going to stream? Are you? ARE YOU? Because. I. Love. I love watching PeoPLe SufFEr. Please stream. Pleasssssse. Stream you death, stream your pain! I’m going to enjoy this.

No, really, I will.

I mean, seriously, balance on elite is shit and everyone playing on elite just use the most cheesiest stuff possible to have a fair chance. And you’re just denying it (shopping for +Health items, farming Grell’s Eyes). I remember someone did a similar challenge before solo, died at level 17.

Best lineup is Engineer(support)-Outlander(DPS,Support)-Embermage(DPS)-Embermage(DPS).

Yes one of us can stream. Or at least he said so.

I will at least record it locally on my end and then put it on Youtube.

Yes I agree that in solo it’s close to impossible. But as we (will be) a team of 4, I think we can make it at least past Act 1. Luminous Area is where we will truly suffer imo. Or before that if we’re not careful.

That is what happens when the game doesn’t offer enough challenge for the players on its own. :wink:

I used to be able to complete NG0 in such setting, but haven’t logged into TL2 for many years.

(Re-reading the rules) Ouch, its not quite that setting… :smiley: Thats a decent way to fuck yourself up

I remember hosting Ironman Tournaments for Diablo 2 back in the day for D2JSP.

Everyone submits an entry fee (usually Forum Gold or good item/rune)
One high level host
Seven new characters in HC mode
Everyone leaves town and cannot return until they hit level 8 (pvp requirement) and they can only use what they find
Once you’re level 8, you immediately TP back to town and wait for the rest.
When everyone is level 8, everyone goes hostile, goes outside, and initiates a free-for-all. Last man standing gets the pot.

They became so popular that I had to have multiple guild leaders act as moderators for various tournaments.

When I read the topic title, I figured Torchlight 2 had some sort of pvp mode and you were looking to start something like this. Would be fun for Grim Dawn as well, but I’m afraid certain elements (looking at you poison) are too OP in the early levels and it would just devolve into an acid-slinging contest.

Torchlight 2 does have a PVP mode but it’s really unbalanced, like completely. Also, you know the locations of everyone on the map

Excellent, thanks.

Actually, I would really like to play with you, but unfortunately, I can manage LAN only, so no luck for me. I will definitely watch, though. Cheers, dude.

Why can you only play over LAN ? If it’s a problem of owning a copy of TL2 I might have one of two in my inventory

That’s exactly the issue. The thing is, I live in Crimea, as you can see. We have no access to legal copies on Steam. Yes, I can openly admit that, because we literally have no choice here. If I could, I would buy it, but unfortunately, I’m physically incapable of doing so.

And so, I have a GOG version instead. But again, there is some weird issue with it, it cannot recognize my games and cannot load into mutiplayer (GOG Galaxy). And so, LAN only.

Maybe it works if someone gives it to you as a present.
Or you mean you don’t have access to Steam altogether ?

Guys, does anyone know stable, working program which will allow me to store my items in Torchlight 1?

That will work, actually. However, I still need to install Steam for a single game just to play for a limited amount of time. It’s exhausting and doesn’t pay off in the end, since GOG version, aside from multiplayer, works completely fine.

And even that, installing LAN is not that hard. For example, Evolve is a great client. Or maybe you or someone on the team have a specific LAN issue?
Anyway, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help much you guys. So, unless it’s LAN, unfortunately, I’m out.

Problem with LAN is that you need to emulate it. It gives worst result than with the basic Multiplayer, and since TL2 networking sucks I believe we would get a lot of desync issues sadly, especially on a 4 players party.

Not if the host has a good Internet connection, so he can support the other three players. I host for my friend, who lives on the other sode of the country (almost 4 thousand kilometers) just fine.

We also played Torchlight 2 together on LAN and didn’t experience desyncs at all. It all boils down to how good your connection is, I think.

Besides, Evolve, unlike Tunngle, for example, autotunes the whole deal - you just login and that’s it, works like a charm.

Alright it would be worth a try I guess then :slight_smile:

Do you have a platform where you’re regularly connected ? Steam/Discord/Skype ?
Just PM me

So we have a 4th player now ! You can keep posting though if you’re interested. Always good to be in contact with fellow HC players :slight_smile:

We just started today our first session ! Two deaths already very early, and a hard beginning (that damn champion wolf in Temple Steppes), but it went smoothly after that. We will attempt to defeat Grell next time.

As for our deaths, since we were early enough in the game, instead of having everyone restarting we allowed to join back. But now that we’re gone past Temple Steppes we won’t allow it anymore, and if one of us dies, the rest of the group will have to continue without him.

I’m uploading the video right now and will keep this thread updated with our advancement !